This story has been written by a non LEO (law enforcement officer); it has drama, humor and yes even a little romance.

This story is strictly to show that police officers are human too. They have feelings, emotions, and yes even humor just like you and me.

This story is (in a humble way) for all those men and women in uniform who every day go out and risk their lives to 'protect & serve'.

Disclaimer: Any misinterpretations of the law or how situations are handled is strictly due to the 'ignorance' on the author's part. Any resemblance to city name or the like is purely by accident.

In the Line of Duty

By Codered91

Chapter 1

Michigan State Trooper, Kimberly Brooks was in route back to the Precinct to double up with her partner for the remainder of the evening shift. It had been relatively quiet up to this point, but then she spotted a car coming from the opposite direction going at a rather high rate of speed. It was going fast enough to warrant her getting the car turned in the opposite direction and then go after it. She quickly spotted an emergency exit, which connected the northbound expressway traffic to the southbound lanes. She pulled off the highway and quickly, but safely entered with the southbound traffic. She turned on the overhead and swiftly got behind the vehicle, but apparently the driver wasn't paying attention or he was purposely ignoring it. So she flipped on the siren just long enough to get his attention. The driver looked back at her through his rearview mirror, then he pulled off the road onto the shoulder. She got her unit on the side of the road and parked behind him.

As she got out of her car and walked up to his vehicle, she observed that he was shifting around and appeared to be acting rather nervous. His actions set her teeth on edge. As all officers are well aware, most people were a little jumpy when they saw that red light flashing behind them, but this guy acted very suspicious. She never took her eyes off him as she approached and as she cautiously stepped up closer to the driver's window she slowly put her hand on her gun, just in case. Before she actually reached his driver's side window, she told him, "Put your inside dome light on please, sir! Also put your hands on the steering wheel so I can see them!" When she finally reached the car she told him, "Evening, sir. You know the reason why I stopped you is because you were traveling well over the speed limit. I'd like to see your driver's license, registration and insurance, please. Just make sure you move slowly for me okay."

"Ah, yeah, sure," he simply replied, as he complied with her requests. "My papers are in the glove box."

When she got a good look at him she saw that he was rather creepy looking, his hair was long and unkempt, his face was unshaven and he just looked kind of rough. She had to admit to herself that he really wasn't someone she'd want to meet in a dark alley and here she is alone out on the freeway without a partner or another unit to back her up. Oh, well, too late now. Although she silently reprimanded herself for being so judgmental, her uncomfortable feeling stayed with her. He really acted like he had something to hide. She just hoped it wasn't something life threatening as far as she was concerned, so she simply kept her guard up. He reached for the glove compartment, she watched him all the while. Would he simply pull out the requested papers, or…? She was about to find out.

Before she knew it, she was staring down the barrel of a handgun. But just as the guy was about to pull the trigger, she bolted straight up off the bed, nearly scaring her dog half to death as his head popped up off the floor. "Oh, sorry, Trooper!" she apologized smiling at her dog. "Whew! I just had a horrible dream. A dream I'd just as soon forget. Ah, Trooper, old boy, that vivid reminder sure makes me glad I'm back home in a small town," she told him as she sat there patting him on the head. "Not that things like that can't happen here, like it did back in Union City, down state. But at least things tend to be somewhat quieter for the most part."

As she talked to her K-9, he looked at her like he was really trying to understand everything she said. He gave her a look that was as if to say, 'That's what you got me for now to protect you from those bad guys.'

It was the start of a whole new day, the previous afternoon shift wasn't too bad, but now she looked forward to carrying out the plans she had made for the day. Her plans after she completed a few necessary things that morning consisted of going to the beach and lounging in the sun. Hopefully her pooch would get some exercise at the same time.

First though, it was time to let her dog out so he could stretch his legs, get some exercise and his other business taken care of. They headed downstairs so she could do just that. Then she fixed some breakfast, and then decided to go out on the back deck for a bit. Later, after bringing Trooper back in the house, she was all set to go shopping. He wasn't happy in the least about being left behind, as he felt it was his 'duty' to go bumming with her. She tried to allay his fears about being left behind, "Hey, don't look so down in the mouth. You'll be coming with me later to the beach." Yeah, but that didn't help him at the moment though.

After she came home and got everything squared away, she felt it was time to get ready to go to the beach. After she had herself all set, then "Oh, oh Trooper, I can't forget your leash and some biscuits for you." She grabbed those very important things, then patted her dog's head and told him, "I guess we're ready to go!" She grabbed her car keys and then shut the door behind her and Trooper. "C'mon boy, climb in! That's it! You'll really like where we're goin'!"