Did I feel your flutterings

While I was aeronautically stuttering?

In great waves of wind blowing

Two forces, to each other, appeared to be growing

Are you the one

Who will follow me out the door

Sit awkward as I write by the tree

Til I feel that source has been released?

I'm sloppy, still, so scattered

As if it even mattered

She will not show up

The tale's corrupt

My poet's blood is scattered…

How do I find rest

With your trunken limbs behind me?

How do I find shelter

In a city where all eyes see?

Parked beside a cement path

You are the sheltered one

As I creep up, place back on trunk

The healing, rooting, words are run

I do not run from you, no

I am sensitive to touch,

It's just that inner feeling, and,

I notice it so much!

Shake, charade, I am not sober

So I must leave, 'fore I double-over.

I find this treaty, neatly- nice-

On side of freeway, will suffice…

It aches my heart to leave you wondering

What sounds they were- for they were thundering!

You've probably gone off and found another…

I'm used to this, so chill, my lover-

Who I will not meet-

Will fail to greet-

As I race for splintered cover

As I follow ribbons tied in knots

That trail across the sea...

I long to grope them, long to know them,

Long to ease my aching teeth

Sink my jaws in these old knots

Linking off haphazard-nots

Find a wave that rolls, yet, deeper-

A final ride that drops off steeper

To plummet to the final notion-

A crash-collide beneath the ocean

Mutant menace growing stronger

Chains that keep us, stretching longer

Mark the grave of my old men

Past the tombs, on, deeper, then…

A giant being on the surface

Takes precaution, and takes notice

Sinks it, swimming ever deeper

All slow and steady, noxious creeper

As I sink more down below

Feeling riptide's selfish flow

Pulling back, with teeth bared, giant

Kicking, flailing, I reach out, defiant

Down and down the darkest depths

To prehistoric puddle-nests

The giant body lags behind

Seeking me, my delving mind

As I come closer, darkness grows

As if the waiting secret knows

A brush beside, a change of blows

Between me- in dark- and unseen foes

He's coming close, I feel his breath-

The ominous impending death

But I've arriven, I've arrived

At the pinnacle point of my own dive

Soon enough, I'll be alive

For just one moment before I die

I reach the end, the initial thread

As jawline closes 'round my head

I have one glimpse glowering red

Before I'm whisked away, back to my bed

Calm is the mood of the wood

The energy it weaves is good

Lost are the children

Caught in the boughs


But free of coughs

Tinged are the boots

Of the hiker who walks

But does not engage

The trees in talks

Separate are

The families

Cattling their children

Like a fenced-in disease

At ease in the breeze

This shy, pickled pleaser

Waits on the bereaves

Of the masterful speakers

I'd rather be lost

Than ship-bound and tossed

On a ferry that won't dock for weeks

If I could live like you

Be like you

Grow like you!



Bending in the wind

Dancing with death

At every exhale

Your whole body in motion

Under sun which delivers your very breath

How fortunate

Let the roots spread deep and wide

Crooked limbs

That turn the dial

To the station of your sensitive diet

As water falls, you vibrate cool

In warm rejoice

I can hear, I can hear

Your so loudly, proudly bearing


To be tangled up in branches

Arteries so vital

So open to the world

Your skeleton

Encased in atmospheric muscle

Flexing wind-blown tendons

Biting spider nail-grip

I think I see you smile

As the leaves on your toppest branches

Dance excitedly

I see you standing

And I see such life

Silent witness

Hear me now

When I say

I truly, truly would

If I could

Live like you

Be like you

Grow like you



I have blown away

From the sands of the beach

To a drier place

Once out-of-reach

There are no shells, just stones

There are no fish here, just bones

As tumbleweeds collide

The ride

Takes a new feeling


Golden inlets now replaced by

Broken strands of moonrock

Strolling strangers now replaced by

Spirits swaying in a tomb-walk

What promises we chased

What shackles buried, were replaced

By empty plains


A once-waxed moon

In wane

Reflecting shores of dust-smoke

Steal the coolness of the wind blowing

A distant mountain falls and crumbles

Beyond, as we begin knowing

Some things are meant to be

All set-in-stone, they seem in-need

And when you reach for them, they're gone

You're just left with the pedestal you put them on

I am not a man for words

Though it is the way my voice is heard

A rhyme, for me, entreats a challenge

A way to make my needs meet balance

For if I can fit into

A rhyming verse or two

All the feelings I fall through

I can grasp and hold on to them, too

I'll always write, I always have

I'll always think this way

It makes no sense, there's no suspense

It's the tone that gives it away…

I am a figment

I am a fiend

I am the ashes

Of a dream

Swept away by Father Time

Into Mother Nature's nursery rhyme

A combined product of thoughts and emotions

A catalogue of withheld notions

These things I am

Though they've stopped calling

I've still come over

Despite your stallings

So many have sought

Scrambling like centipedes

Over mounds and mounds of leaf

To find the soft soil underneath

Now is but a time of choosing

An inept start to humble cruising

No allies 'cept the tools derived

No concept 'cept what's in front of our eyes

This is life, this, this waking

We grip the knife to ease the aching

Bound to be just one of many

We trade the dollars, we- the pennies

A hot Arabian sun beats down

Like a sultan throned in gold

Watching servants strive to meet

The maze-like must-meet mold

What puzzles him

Up there, to watch

What drives him to burn bright?

What clear chemical connection

Will soon be revealed

That was so obvious in hindsight?

Does he yearn to race to different stars?

Does his constant burning cover sentimental scars?

What dreams has he, the one who moves us?

Are we a part, or does he just use us?

Does he see me now-

This lone sandmason

Retired from life


If I could only know his thoughts

I'd give him my own, tied back in knots

If I could pace a shooting star

Win the race before it'd start

Meet the face of waiting God

Cruise his place and only nod

Then I could find a weird way to

Connect the dots from me to you

Find your face but not in spite

Mind mistakes, but hold on tight

There is no hope if you're not willing

Just rope to knot with my blood spilling

As you back away slowly, laughing, teasing

I'm foot-in-ground, cemented, seething

I let you leave but you stay, grinning

As long as I stand then you'll be winning

So what's to lose as I step back

And let you have your last, sad attack?

More to come soon…