nov. 9th '09

"tylenol pm and nitroglycerin"

the year gave a flash
in front of your eyes
before you tattooed
our love across your
ribs. the one you had
said the both of us
would get for the
anniversary that
would never come.
you took the bottle
from your father's
desk when your
mother told me
sternly to never
ever ever speak
to you again. said
i had better not go
near your hospital
bed. and i'm writing
this to you but they've
changed your address.
your psychiatrist tells
you this all for the best.
but where will you go
where will you lay
your tired head
when I am gone?
and I would rather
be dead than hear
our song
if I can't see it
written out on your flesh.
and when you threw your
phone I was calling all your
friends to get your stomach
pumping and your heart
beating again. and if you can
breathe okay again,
I'll try my best to
sleep okay again
without you.