Could you imagine
A world without
Make up remover?
Every girl's face would be
Tainted with the traces
That she tried to
Be fake
At some point in her life

Could you imagine
A world without
Glow flies?
There would never
Be happiness
In memories left over from
Your childhood
Of catching them and
Feeling them crawl on your
Bare skin
And watching them light
In the heart of your palm

Could you imagine
A world without
People who hurt too much would never
Be comforted
Greetings would always
Be awkward
Love would have a
Hard time

Could you imagine
A world without
Our love?
You and me?
Apparently you don't want to
Just imagine
You bid me
"I'm done"
Just before you're marvelous
Disappearing Act

Could you imagine
A world without
I can't
Because then I couldn't
Applaud your
Disappearing Act
I applaud because you did what I never could
I could never disappear on you

So I'll use my make up remover to erase all traces of my black, mascara laced tears
Shun the glow flies that dance at my window for holding too much happiness in their tiny, faultless bodies
Hug myself because you won't, attempt at living life after "you and me" which is now just "you" and "I"
I'll clap and know you're not around to hear your applause, but I'll keep it up because I don't know what else to do.

Can you imagine
A world without
Here's your chance.