With a roar of heroic fury, David FireSword raised his flaming sword and ran, howling, at the dragon. He slipped and slid across the gravel littering the mesa. It was the tallest peak in all the land, and a natural place for a dragon to nest. As it swung its massive, scaly head towards him and drew in a breath through it's wine-barrel-sized nostrils, he sent a frantic and nonverbal prayer to Pselok, the patron saint of dragonslayers.

David's mighty dash ended in a lunge and he lodged his sword, point-first, in the dragon's delicate throat. The dragon roared defiance as it felt the fury of his famous sword, The Pearl of Rage, lick through its trachea and into its torso, perhaps even to the roots of its dreadful wings.

David ducked under the fearsome tail that whipped towards him, then sprang away from the dragon's front claws. His sword was left behind, lodged in the dread creature's throat; now all he must do was avoid death until the enchanted object completed the work w=for which it had been forged, many eons ago.

The dragon tensed, then leaped into the air, the displaced air from its mighty wings blasting him with detritus- gravel, leaves, and dust. He hunkered down into the floor, hoping that his armor would protect him from the fury of the winds. He looked up in time to see the mighty dragon beelining for the lake at the base of the mountain which was its lair, its wingstrokes growing more feeble as it struggled towards its goal.

He looked away from the spectacle and his eyes sought out the cave mouth towards which he had been questing these long and weary months with his faithful mule, his legendary sword, and his sidekick, who was currently holding off the horde of goblins at the narrow pass midway up the mountain. Within that dingy hole, the mighty wizard who was his King and lord had told him, there was a beautiful woman, the one Princess Benna, who would be his bride, if he could just bring her safe back to the wizard her father.

Joyously, he strode towards the muddy hole in the mountain, lain about with bones and shed scales of the fearsome beast he had vanquished.

The princess, he noted, would probably smell terrible. He would offer her the use of the lake, when the dragon was done dying in it.