hey there! i just wanted to say really quick. the first two chapters are short, but the rest are at least 2000 words each and as you will soon tell, i use a lot more description than youll find on here normally from authors, so they tend to be longer than they look. i hope you enjoy my story. leave me reviews even if you dont! thank you :D

Mayim Hamblen © 2009

teaser: I stared madly at it, the blood in my veins pulsing like wild. it was all i could do not to squeeze the power into my body. it was so frail, so tiny. all i had to do was smother the butterfly & i would have power just like he had said...right?

Chapter one:

The pale moon rose above me as I churned the mucky lake water with my feet. Its gray face illuminated the cattails, giving them an eerie glow. I sighed; summer was almost over and soon I would be leaving this simple town and moving forward with my life. That was something I should have been excited about. I didn't hate my life, but it wasn't really all that great. Sure there were the little happy things that helped me along each day, but over all, it just wasn't what I wanted. I needed adventure, freedom, a life! I couldn't stand growing up with my aunt and uncle any longer. It was the summer of my 16th year; the end of the summer that is.

I pulled my feet out of the cool lake water and stood up on the unbalanced, little wooden dock. The water was calm; the wind was blowing ever-so-lightly on my face. Crickets chirped melodically around me, inviting me to join them in their midnight dance. But, I shook my head; it was time I headed back to the cottage. I turned slowly, not wanting to part from the peace and serenity of the lake. Nature was my second home and sometimes I even felt as if it was my only one. I came here to sit and think almost everyday. You see, I never really knew my parents. I knew I had some at one point of course, but my aunt and uncle had never talked about them. In fact every time I ever brought the subject up they ignored me or gave me the same old story they always had.

"Grace, you were left on our doorstep when you were just a baby, wrapped in a basket made out of thistle and leaves. You arrived on a cold stormy night, probably one of the worst I have ever seen. Why your parents chose that night to leave you, I have no idea. The rain was screaming down so hard that night. At first we weren't sure if we should take you in but it was then that your uncle and I saw the little note all tied up on your wrist. It was from your parents. They wrote details of it all…but… oh... I can't remember exactly. And that necklace you always wear, that was with you when we found you. It's an heirloom. The note spoke of it as something passed on to the female members of the family which would explain why Michael, my mother's brother and my uncle, never got it. "

Aunt Sarah would repeat this over and over, always giggling at the end like it was something out of a fairytale, but never mention if she knew anything else about how I got there, or where my parents where. I sighed and clasped my hand around the large square gem hanging around my neck. The amethyst seemed almost to glow with the heat of my fingers. I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed in the musty lake smell. I made my way towards the sandy bank, the dock rocking slightly under my weight. Taking one last glance at the shining pool and listening to the beautiful hum of the night, a light, tiny and unnatural arose from the lake. It came in the form of an orb about the size of my palm. I was instantly struck by its iridescence and beauty. Colors of blue, pink, and silver-white flowed infinitely from the spinning object.

I watched in awe as it moved toward the shore in my direction. As it neared the end of the dock, however, I became a bit wary of the newly found object. It was almost threatening, spinning at an unimaginable speed, racing towards my face! Stumbling backwards I began to retreat from my spot in the sand, feet catching on weed and branches. The snapping twigs and brush behind me sounded like lightning in my now alert and attentive ears, and it wasn't long before complete fear overcame me and I turned and bolted. My feet carried me, but it felt as though they never touched the ground. It was not until I stopped in front of the cottage doors, that I was even sure they were still attached.

Looking behind me, I searched for any sign of the orb. It seemed that it had lost my trail. Relieved, I took a deep breath and opened the door and cautiously tip-toed into the kitchen and up the stairs to my bedroom; as not to awaken Sarah and Michael, my aunt and uncle. I wouldn't live to see the next dawn if they knew I had snuck out again.

When entered my room, I undressed hurriedly and flung myself into my bed covers and curled into a comfortable position. The sheets smelled like fresh lavender, and so my thoughts quickly drifted into dreams. I slept deeply fore it was late and I was in desperate need of rest before my adventure into the center marketplace of Celta.