His mocha skin shown with a certian ethreal light, and i wondered absentmidedly when I started to thik like erin. My fingers light graced the outline of the muscles on his arms, and i shuddered unvolintarily. His body should be a canvas for me to explore endlessly. I watched his labored breath, and i swear when his eyes are closed, peaceful, he simply looks like an angel.

"Baby," His hair is tickling my stomache, but i can't bring myself to respond. I love times like these, l;ying in bed with erin, naked and carefree. Erin puts me in a kind of haze, a high that makes a mockery out of drugs. I wonder if he knows hoe much he affects me. He made me after all.

His chocolate orbs are gazing at me, and i get an errie feeling he is trying to memorize my soul, learn everything about my essance, as if he wants to etch my very self inside of him. I can't help the slight brush of flattery in my stomach. "Baby, did you sleep at all?"

I think i let out a chuckle, i'm so far gone in my thoughts, i dont know what to think. This is what he does to me, Erin. My Erin.

I scoot myself a little lower in my bed, tucking Erin's head on my shoulder, I find it ironic how we're in such a nurturing position. My hand strokes his soft should, and i think maybe i can still my thoughts to speak. "No, but I enjoy looking at you while you sleep."

I smile when what i say suprises him, when he's sleeping he let's me glance at what he keeps hidden inside of himself, and his peacful face proves to me their is a God. I kiss his lips so softely he never even sturns, he grunts a little and turns grabbing me, and pulling me closer. Erin Still looks like an angel while sleep has control over him, I follow him into slumber shortly after.

My own lucifur.


I wake hours later, I can still see sun streaming in through my window, casting a glare on Erin and myself. I shift slightly, knowing i am in Erin's arms without really having to think about it. I notice he is still sleeping like a baby, his hand that has wound it's way across me gripping onto my hip possesivly, and i cannot help but sigh in contentment. Erin slightly moves his head closer to mine, his face turns to one in pain, and anger sparks in my head at the thought of him hurting.

Just who the fuck did that Matthew kid think he was?

The little rumble Erin and this new boy, whose named we later learned was Matt. Matthew and Victoria Rio. The newest students at Mercy High, and what a wonderful impression Matthew Rio gave the school on his first day. He touched Brianna McHale, and all he got in return was knocked out. Not to bad, but that is only because i know personally Erin can do so much worse, as to why he didn't i don't know.

The whole altercation played out rather quickly, I was so surprised and shocked I barely remember the initail evernts that had me and Erin at my house lounging in bed all day

I remember standing in our Art class, waiting at the teachers desk as she appraised my newest oil painting. This painting actually had color, something Mr. Jonston isn't used to seeing from me. I remember the nerves in my body being clenched, so when I felt the arm tighten around mine, I could only assume it belonged to the only man in this school with the rights to touch me.

I was horribly wrong.

I could feel the bright smile light up my face as i turned, and stared up into the icyest blue eyes I have ever seen...and the first though I had was blue, huh reminds me summer, and... I never wanted to go there again. I forgot why i cut the color out of my life,i almost forgot I was dead on the inside.

Death isn't attracted to colors, not unless they're sharp and piercing, and they leave you screaming for mercy in the end.

Erin had this Matthew on the floor in five seconds, what he gets for stepping over the line, there are rules here. One's they all have to follow, this boy with niave gems in his eyes will learn.

Part of myself feels pity for the boy, he didn't do anything at all. In Erin's mind no one has the right to put their hands on me, but him. I like it that way.

I look into erin's eyes, and gasp when i see the midnight darkness within their depths, I feel him clutch my hand, and color fades.

I'm taken away by my angel, the one who keeps gems at bay. I kiss him deeply pushing his body against a random wall, and i feel as if my memories are kept at bay.


I know I keep Brianna with my body. I know she's never met anyone who can touch her like i do, her can make her react like i do, and i never will. When I grew infatuated with Miss McHale I made it very clear to everyone, that no one was suppose to touch her. As if the fuckers in this school are good enough to feel Brianna. As if anyone should get that pleasure but me....


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