Official Announcement

Hello everyone - long time no see. I want to take a moment let readers know where INSIWB is standing so far in my life. As many of you might know, I started an MA graduate program this year and I've also started teaching composition and introductory literature. It has been and still is a crazy insane train wild ride.

For the past year INSIWB has always been in the back of my mind, a source of guilt because I haven't written on it in ages, and through my perspective, ended up one of those many FP side-projects that so obviously never gets finished and remains undone. I hated that feeling. I also didn't want to fall into one of those in-my-FP-opinion cliches of the person who keeps re-drafting, re-drafting, and never finishing, but honestly - in the end - I couldn't stand the guilt anymore, because it kept me from working on the project or characters in general.

So all that out on the table and being said - under the extreme stress and pressure I've been feeling in this graduate "literary" program, I suddenly got sick and tired of the non-genre work I was writing, and Kit, Char, and Jude started rioting. So I sat down, not having any plan of what I was going to do, and just decided that I would give in and write with them again. What resulted was Kit's redirection in a style that INSIWB has helped me developed throughout the years. This new style, probably stemming first from Jude, took over the beginnings of this project, and I'd like to kind of officially announce it to all readers I've had in the past:

Holy the Dark, a new story that some of you might've glimpsed or seen if you have me on author alert, has started a re-drafting of this story.

Attempting to fix a lot of the hazy/unfocused plot, and the unfocused pacing, I'm setting out to try to finish this once and for all. A lot of what is here in this original project will be cut - and a lot of it will be introduced sooner and with better direction (I hope).

BUT, I am very reluctant to abandon this draft, as my character development has come to a really fun place where instead of bickering with one another, the INSIWB group was finally getting along. That being said - I don't want to say that I'm done with this. I want to say that there will, in the future - maybe, be updates and a continuation. But for now, a lot of my focus is pouring into Holy the Dark, and I'm having a lot of fun with all of my characters again.

Let it be known that grad school does crazy things.

Whereas this project started as a challenge for myself to "write a catchy story only meant for FP", I've invested so much into this, that with the re-drafting as a new focus, I think I'm finally ready to admit to myself that I love this project, and I want to be ambitious with it. Especially after seeing trailers upon trailers for Supernatural stories/movies. Culturally, this just feels like the right time for what I'm doing.

As a goal of the future - though I have to write one of those fancy-pants "literary" dissertations (most likely based off of Little Bloodbeat), within the next year, I hope to finish and complete Holy the Dark if not by the end of my MA program, then by the end of the upcoming year (2014-2015). What I hope will happen is that I can finally finish - and start querying to agents/publishers.

Because of this new ambition that wasn't there before - if you still frequent FP and you're curious to see the new direction of this project, I would be very thankful for anyone who would have the time to offer any advice, critique, criticisms, etc. on this project. Because of the busy schedule, I can't promise review returns at this time - but eventually (summer time, I hope), I'll be able to open that up again and enter into some good exchanges with hopefully some past readers.

This draft, which I don't want to abandon officially, has provided me with so many great friendships, reader-exchanges, and helped me grow tremendously with my writing. I want to thank everyone who was a part of this and helped me, voted for this story in the award circuits, and nominated it elsewhere.

You're all rockstars!

I hope to see some of you in the future, either via Holy the Dark, or if this draft continues :)