Manipulation twists you in its choking veins

Loneliness takes toll on you causing pain

You accept it because you're human

Irony has you dangling on the gallows

Fate has you trapped in its vice like grip

You're helpless because you're human

Doubt pokes you with its unworthy tentacles

Jealousy hovers above you like an omen

You fail to ignore it because you're human

Death gambles with you in this game of chance

Luck shows you a cold shoulder in battle of life

You're near to lose because you're human

Power plays with you then throws you to hounds of hopelessness

Despair leads you to a labyrinth of monsters

You follow it because you're human

Happiness stays away from you as if you're contagious

Mysteriousness outlines you making you suspicious

You've no one to trust because you're human

Curse of Destiny makes you unworthy of Love

Sadness, heartbroken tears overpower you to death

You leave this world alone because you're human