So I feel like I owe you this much
Even though I am not obliged to you in the least
Tomorrow will be the last day I see you
Unless again some day by coincidence
I was never a great fan of coincidences

I did not envision this particular end
Although it has been a confusing ride
It has taken me this long to understand
Exactly what you are to me
And I to you in my perception

I wanted to tell you these words
Which cannot see the light of verbal day
Circumstances will not permit it
And neither will history
Or caution for that matter

I wanted you to know
I could not trust you entirely
And I wanted to believe you're the good man
The trustworty one who understood it all

I want to tell you
I love your humour
But I do not love you
At least not in any romantic or paternal way

You should know
You could be an asshole at times
And should learn how to take blame
But at the core of the matter

I really wanted to tell you
In words that defy professionalism
Thank you,
For treating me like an equal.