"Hey, Bailey! Let's spin!" I blinked a bit as the chlorinated water stung my eyes as Alyssa suddenly popped up in front of me. I laughed a bit, thinking nothing of it and nodded as she grabbed one of my arms and then reached under the water to grip my ankle tightly. I guess it helped that I was still so much smaller than everyong else, being a mere five foot and ninety pounds soaking wet.

Around and around in circles Alyssa spun, and while she seemed to be getting dizzy, I was fine. But I could feel panic beginning to well up in my chest as I noticed that she was gradually getting closer and closer to the side wall in her dizzy state. A scream bubbled up from me as I felt my wrist and then ankle slip from her hands, my body suddenly hurtling through the air, just over the water. With a sickening crack, I slammed into the side wall, my head smacking hard against the concrete bringing stars to my eyes.

Horrified gasps and screams echoed around me, but my eyes wouldn't focus on anyone or anything as I began to sink into the cold water. I could feel the cold water starting to come into my mouth and lungs but I couldn't cough and couldn't hold my breath either. The world slowly began to turn black and I briefly wondered why I hadn't felt hands on me to pull me out of what was surely about to become my deathbed. I let my mind slip away from the pain of my lungs filling with water to curse my brother for having insisted on this end of summer pool party.

Finally, my eyes slid closed and I gave in to the darkness that was waiting for me behind my eyelids.