Can't you forget about me already?

It's sunny again today. Fucking bright sky. I glared for a minute at the people walking on the crowded street by the terrace I was currently sitting at. Stupid cheerful smiles plastered on their stupid cheerful faces just because they actually can see the sun! Hey, people, it's not like the sun is going anywhere. So, please, stop staring and smiling like there's no tomorrow. You know what? I fucking hate sunny days! Yeah, yeah, I know. Not really a surprise after what I said.

I took my sunglasses from the pocket of my shirt and swiftly put them up my nose. Yay! I'm not blind anymore. Whoever invented sunglasses, thank you. I glanced at the paper on my lap, absentmindedly checking the titles without actually seeing them, not really able to concentrate on what was happening in an unknown hole on the opposite of the world. Blame me! Right now my thoughts were all focused on the little black velvet box buried deep in the right pocket of my pants. And in the little black velvet box was burning a little shiny diamond. Hum… maybe not so little considering the resulting cut on my bank account. Fucking jewels! How can they be so damn expensive? I nervously tapped my fingertips on the round table, while taking a sip of the fuming coffee I'd ordered earlier. Espresso. Strong. Smells good. Tastes good too. Italian coffees are the best.

"Hello there." The high-pitched voice of the waitress brought me back to reality.

I looked up at her, wondering why the hell she was talking to me of all the customers around ready to kill to order their drinks. I didn't ask for anything. She leaned towards me and suddenly my nose was full of her cheap vanilla perfume. Eck. Do not gag. Be nice. She put her hand on my naked arm, her nasty red painted nails horribly contrasting with her rather white skin. Hey bitch. Take a tan, it's soooo sunny.

"Do you need anything else?" She asked me nicely with her exotic French accent.

She sent me a rather explicit "Hey, wanna play with me later?" look that gave me the creeps, making her point clear with a cocky smile. What a subtle way of hitting on people. I'm quite shocked. Ok, I'm not really shocked but quite disappointed. I mean she was not ugly, even if it was rather difficult to tell through her heavy make-up. Why did she have to be so cheap? She didn't seem to realise that she was annoying the hell out of me. I hate it when unknown people touch me so casually and it doesn't usually end well. Probably because I'm quick-tempered.

Hum… lucky girl, I'm going to try to be nice. Not that I had a choice in fact, because I had a deadly important appointment here today, and I couldn't afford being thrown out just for that. Remember, the little black velvet box with a golden ring in it? Yeah? This was the topic of my appointment. The pressure of the hand on my arm brought me back from my thoughts. The bleach blond waitress. Hitting on me like her pussy is on fire. Eck. What was her question already? Damn I forgot! Hum… That's it. Do I need anything?

"No." Right to the point. Hopefully, she was not stupid and was going to take the hint that I was all but interested in her.

"Oh, playing hard to get and all, I see."

The back of her hand began to caress my forearm lightly and she smiled, her arrogant confidence lighting her blue eyes. Apparently, she was that stupid or it was not my lucky day. I took her hand and dislodged it quickly from my arm. She seemed quite hesitant for a few seconds then smirked knowingly.

"Relax, hot stud."

Hot stud? Did she just call me that? Be nice? Scratch it. I'm gonna make her cry. It took me a second to realize that she had continued to speak. Shit. Can't she just shut up?

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone if it's the issue. Let's have fun, shall we?" She whispered in my ear. Ew. Ever heard about personal space? It sure doesn't seem so.

I pulled my sunglasses up in my hair and locked eyes with her. If looks could kill…

"Listen well." I growled at her in a low voice. "Leave me the hell alone, okay?"

She seemed confused by my harsh tone. Surely, she wasn't used to being rejected. Well, get used to it and fast, bitch! Even if I am interested in women, at least some of them, I'm not gonna fool around with you. Sorry but you're too fake for me to spare you a second glance, darling. I have my standards, thank you very much.

"Right now I'm waiting for my girl to ask her the big question. See what I mean? So you better get the hell away from me cause I don't wanna see the likes of you around when she arrives. Got it?"

Never breaking eyes contact, I tightened my grip on her hand, not to the point of bruising, but hard enough to make her understand not to fuck with me. She glared at me with angry eyes, her pretty mouth twitching furiously when she pulled her hand out of mine.

"Connard!" she shouted at me furiously while turning on her heels and stomping her way in the coffee shop.

Great! Now all the people around are staring at me like I have molested her. Like I care. I shrugged and rewarded them with an amused smile, perfect response to make them uncomfortable. Yeah, I'm a bastard, so what?

Damn hot weather! I'm thirsty. Just my luck when I'm stuck here with an angry waitress who'd probably prefer to be skinned alive than take another order from me. I should have asked her for a drink before being an ass. Jesus, I'm just so stupid sometimes. I checked my watch for, what, probably the fiftieth time in the last fifteen minutes. She was late. Again. Aya loves to have me wait for her and today, I'll let it pass without arguing. Why? Not to please her of course, because you must have realised by now that I'm not really a sweetheart. So, I'll let it pass because it gives me time to think about what I'm to do and how the hell I'm to ask her to be my wife.

My. Wife. Oh. My. God! What was I thinking when I went to the jewellers? Nothing smart for sure. Was I even thinking? I took out the black box from my pocket trying to remember the events that led me to that exact moment.

If you had told me a year ago, when I first met Aya, that I would one day wait for her in her favourite coffee shop to ask her to share my life, I would have laughed till death. She was sitting right next to me in a plane flying from Berlin to Paris. She gave me her beautiful smile that enlightened the kindness in her eyes. One time. Two times. I stared at her, silently conveying the message that I didn't want to talk. At all. She pulled nervously a tress of brown silky hair behind her ear, and looked at me intensely. Shiny dark eyes. Pretty.

"So you're going to France?" she questioned me nicely.

Smart, aren't you? What a pain in the ass! Couldn't she just leave me alone? I didn't answer.

"Not very talkative huh?" Yay! We've got a winner! "Whatever. I'm Aya Köhrst. 26. I'm an art student and I'm going to Montpellier, in southern France. What about you? Got a name?" She giggled and laughed lightly. Shit! She was really waiting for an answer.

"Cat got your tongue or what?" She tilted her head and a little smirk spread at the corner of her lips. She was challenging me with her eyes dancing as if to say "I know you can't stand me but it's so damn funny to play with you… Come on! Let me play with you!"

"Marcus." I answered coldly. I was not the type to turn away from a challenge.

Why I had given her my real name at the time, not even a clue. Maybe I had been so tired of being called John, or Jack, or some other names Europeans label as typical for American men at the time, I hadn't bothered to hide my identity. Or maybe it had been something with her, her calm demeanour, her soft features, her somewhat sparkling aura, that had me put my guard down. Naturally. Strangely. Easily.

"Huh?" I met her confused gaze as she pointed her finger at me. "Oh, it's your name… You're Marcus."

Right… I was wondering whether she was slow or on drugs but a soft chuckle suddenly brought my attention back to her. All of her being was screaming that she was up to something and I wasn't so sure I'd like it.

"Oh so you're neither deaf nor mute." Another ironic smile. She was really pushing her luck. "So Marcus, why are you going to France?"

Here we were. I was going to France because it was the first plane to leave Berlin and I had to leave fast. Really fast. Like in I'm-running-away fast. Not that I could tell her that so I just blathered the generic answer.

"None of your business." I groaned. She was rapidly getting on my nerves.

"That's right." She remarked with still an amused in her tone. "But you know, you won't die if you try to be nice for once."

"I don't know you. I don't plan in keeping contact. So what the point in being falsely nice?"

Hum, she seemed rather surprised by my answer. I was expecting her to back away, pained by my harsh words, to tell me to fuck off or something like that. But she smiled at me gently, with a sad expression, and patted my head like she would have done with a little kid.

Shit! I hadn't planned that. The warmth of her hand on my head was quite comfortable and I can't say I hated it. Make no mistake, I didn't like the touch. I just… didn't hate it. That's all.

"I can hardly say it's nice to meet you, Marcus…" Here we are… "but wanna try to be friends? One of us doesn't bite. I let you guess which one." She chirped happily. I stared at her in disbelief. Big puppy eyes. Batting eyelashes and a smile that can melt an iceberg. Scratch that. All icebergs of the fucking planet. For sure, her smile could cause the next natural catastrophe.

Shit, I was about to cry. I clenched my jaws hard, backing away the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. Fuck, fuck, fuck. What the hell? I lost myself in the darkness of her eyes for a moment. It had been half a year since I managed to escape from my previous life. And during these six long months, I had been travelling alone across Asia and Europe, hardly making a living on boring part-time jobs, not talking to anyone, adopting a low profile so that no one would notice me. Not my choice, but I wanted to stay safe and I couldn't afford to lose anyone else.

So here I was, on a plane, with dyed hair, colour lenses and a backpack containing the few pieces of the twenty-four years of my life. A past I absolutely wanted to forget and no future except for running away. All of me was false. Every. Fucking. Inch. Of. Me. I was fucking lonely and this girl with her big puppy eyes had seen right through my not so perfect poker face in what? Five minutes? Was I so easy to read? Pathetic. My heart was beating so hard that I thought for a minute that it was going to pierce through my chest. Blood was pumping trough my ears at a disturbing pace. Man, breathe or you're gonna pass out. I panted heavily and calmed down with every intake of fresh air I took. Fresh air? On a plane? Try again.

It was one of these moments in life when you knew that you were at a turning point. You just had to make the right choice. Easy to say, I know. I weighed the pros and cons as fast as I could. Aya seemed to be a great girl, and pretty hot with that. Yeah, I'd really like to be friends with her. Plus, it had been three months since I last saw one of the men chasing after my ass and I was pretty sure he didn't see me. I was in England at the time but I flew to Spain right after the encounter. Didn't want to tempt the devil.

Six months is quite a long time. Maybe they had already stopped searching for me? Yeah, right. And if not, they surely didn't have a clue of where I was, otherwise I wouldn't be alive right now. Fuck! I'm tired of running away, tired of the nightmares visiting me each fucking night, tired of being scared… I was young and I had already wasted too many years. Time to settle down and live. Hell yeah! Wanna have fun too. So I grinned back to Aya to cheer her up a little because she seemed genuinely worried by my prolonged silence.

"So you bite? What for?"

She looked at me incredulously and started to laugh. And I laughed with her, for the first time in six months. Yeah, time to live again. We spent the rest of the flight talking, or rather she talked and I listened. She told me about her life, about why she wanted to go abroad, about what she dreamt for her future. And I listened because she was the closest thing I had to a friend at the time and I wanted to cherish the moment. And then, after we landed she asked me if I wanted to go with her for a while. She had guessed I had nowhere to go in particular, so I could go anywhere. Why not with her? Thus I kept her company, found a job rapidly as a waiter in a bar, and hung up with her a lot. I thought of leaving a few times, it would have been prudent. But she was quite an enticing fairy and I got her fast under my skin.

She loved my dark spirit as she called it, and accepted my silence about everything that concerned me so far. She didn't even ask a single question, even after we started dating. She didn't ask me why I was covering with make-up the tattoo I got on the left side of my face right next to my eye, or what it meant. I could have told her that I had joined a satanic cult and I was running away from the sect's adepts. Plausible story. But I hadn't needed to lie because she didn't ask and I loved her for that. I still love her for that. As far a she was concerned, my life began when we met on the Berlin-Paris journey. She knew the current me and that was enough for her. Lucky me. Four months since we started living together in a cosy apartment, with a little devil of a kitten who actually bites, and I just woke up one day realising that I can no longer live without her. So that's why I'm here waiting for her to arrive in one of her colourful dresses full of paint strains that emphasizes so well her stunning curves. I think I'm in love.

A bip of my cell phone announced a text message from her. "Hey dark evil. Am stuck in the traffic. Be here in 5. Wait for me!" Great, another five minutes to spend with myself. I heard footsteps approaching and they stopped right behind me, the shadow masking the sun making me shiver. Hum, naughty fairy trying once again to trick me!

The first time she had come behind me like that to surprise me, I took her hand as soon as it touched my shoulder and threw her to the floor, my other hand reflexively tightening around her throat. She was shocked and I almost die in shame. No need to say she made me apologise and pay each day the bruise I put on her arm was visible. It took me quite some time to stop being so nervous. I continued to train because I had to be ready to defend myself, even if unconsciously I knew it wouldn't be enough. It had never been enough. However, I stopped being so tense and tried to relax around her. But this time, I was so not going to fall in the trap of my tricky little fairy. Hell no!

Had I not been in my own little world for so long, I would have realised by now the quite awkward silence and whispers around me. If I had been alert like I should, I would have realised that the shadow this time was way too big for being Aya's. And I would have run like hell before the hand closed on my shoulder. I would never have exclaimed happily: "Hey honey! Had fun at your course?" while turning my head over to face behind me and meet icy angry blue eyes.

Very angry eyes. Clenched jaws. Sandy blond hair not too short. Characteristic smirk. Casual but fancy and elegant clothes. Hard body. Strong grip. I was facing the devil in all his splendour. My heart skipped a beat. He was exactly like the last time I saw him. A year and a half ago. When I ran away. Shit! Now I'm sure, it's definitely not my lucky day. I swallowed hard, checking around for an escape route. But his men were spread all around us. Fucking big goons, with fucking big muscled arms that hit pretty fast and really hard, I can tell you because I tested it. A long time ago ok, but the simple fact that I can still pretty well remember should be enough for you to get the right idea. I swear the muscles are not just there for decoration, unlike their brains, or to annoy the poor employee who has to tailor their black suits.

Ba-thump. Ba-thump. Shit, where is that weird noise coming from now? Sounded like my heart to me. Wow, it can beat this fast! I'm not sure I'm really glad to know. My brain shut down as panic spread trough my nerves, making my whole body tense. Where are you escape plan, when I need you? Damn it! Even if I managed to free my arm from his grip, and I really doubt I could because it hurt like hell from my shoulder to my wrist, there was no way I could outrun five well trained bodyguards. Very well trained. I counted five but there were probably backups nearby, just in case a miracle occurred and I managed to run. Just to let you know, the devil is a very cautious guy. They seemed pretty pleased with themselves to have me cornered. Seems like I'm the only one not so keen on our happy meeting.

"Hey Marcus! Found you!" He said with that cold low voice of his that spent pangs of fear right through my heart. God, I had forgotten his voice!

I'm so happy I hadn't had anything to drink because, if I had, I would surely have pissed in my pants. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me in such a weak position. Or it could have been funny to intoxicate them all with the smelly odour of urine trapped in the car on our way back to wherever they wanted to take me. Should have done the trick, wouldn't I be in the car myself. Argh, forget it! No need to embarrass myself any further.

I considered for a second to try pretending I didn't have a clue of what he was talking about. Because you know, I put some efforts in altering my appearance. I dyed my black hair hazel and wore brown lenses to hide my green eyes. Maybe, I should have tried harder because I knew that I didn't have a chance to convince anyone. So I didn't say a thing because I'm not the type to waste my time for a lost cause.

Hell! I was scared shitless. Who wouldn't be when your living nightmare is right in front of you and had you at his mercy? A year and a half. I thought it was long enough to forget about me and move on. Guess I was wrong.

I had moved on. Why couldn't he move on? Damn it! What an asshole! He had to come to get me on this particular day which should have made me one of the happiest men in the world. Yeah, sounds a little bit cliché I know, will you forgive me please? Why am I not surprised? I'm such an idiot to have allowed myself to think for more than a minute that I too deserved to be happy. I should have laughed at this idea.

Happy? Me? Doesn't sound right in the same sentence. I'm so stupid to have let my guard down! So fucking stupid to have stayed in the same country, even worse, the same town, for a whole year. How could I have believed that he would finally give up and let me go? My blood was boiling. God! I hate him so much! I think I have never been so angry in my whole life. Angry with myself. But especially angry with this fucking bastard who was currently laughing silently at my intern dilemma.

"Hey asshole! Guess you have." I replied getting up quickly, half-expecting him to push me down. He didn't, but his hand didn't move an inch from my shoulder either.

Talking back to him was probably not the best move I had made, especially after what I had done. Don't need to give him more reasons to punish me, do I? Why can't I just shut my fucking mouth? I looked up to support his gaze, up because he's kind of a head taller than me.

"See that you're as fiery as ever, shrimp."

I didn't even flinch at the insult. I'm quite used to it from him but I'm not that short, just to let you know. In fact, I'm 5'11'', pretty well-built, with lean muscles I got from street fights and manual jobs I used to work at in my younger years. Not my fault that he's a fucking giant, like most of the men that work for him. Maybe he's hiding a complex behind his hate for short people… Should tell him that one day, just to get on his nerves. Not right now because I was really walking on thin ice at the moment. Didn't want him to pull out his gun and shoot me right there, thank you!

His swift movement made me wince. He bent over me, closing the distance between us till his face was just a few inches from mine. I was holding my breath, surrounded by the bewitching smell of his expensive cologne and I could feel the calm breeze escaping his lips caress my nose.

"All talk and no action. Glad to see you're well."

His eyes were shining with amusement and satisfaction. He had me and I knew it, and he knew that I knew. How funny! There was nothing I could do to get the hell out of here. I tried to free my arm and fight back but the grip on my shoulder painfully tightened in response. No action, yeah right, like they weren't all waiting for any wrong move to beat the hell out of me. Think Marcus, think. Later, it will be too late.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw a well known lithe silhouette hurriedly coming towards me, waving her hand to make sure I acknowledged her presence. Shit, not now! She was smiling and damn if she was beautiful. But Aya's smile disappeared as soon as she followed the arm clenching at me to probably the most stunning man she had ever seen. Yeah, the devil was quite a handsome one. Not fair.

I saw her eyes clouding when she realised the frighteningly dangerous aura around this man and noticed the black-suited scum. I wanted to scream at her to get away, I wanted to protect her, I wanted to request help from the people around, to struggle, to hit him hard. Whatever! At this point anything would do. But there was no use in doing that because nobody was going to help me and I was not strong enough to take down five men by myself. Shit, I was not even strong enough to win in a one-on-one against him alone. They would knock me out before my screams even managed to escape my throat.

I gritted my teeth desperately, trying hard to regain my composure and control my anger. That was until I realised that I was crushing the little black velvet box in my clenched fist. I put the box on the table for her, and looked in her puppy eyes. She had smartly stopped walking a few meters away and she was crying. At this instant, I knew she had understood.

My silence.

My aversion for people.

My nightmares.

My past was coming back at me and real fast.

Reality is a bitch. I swear I sensed my heart breaking in shattered pieces while I was staring at her, trying to memorize all the details of her. Because that was all I would have from now on. I told her mutely that I loved her and she began to sob whole heartedly as a result. I knew this was the last time I would see Aya. Hope she'll meet someone else, someone great that will make her happy. Unlike me.

"How sweet! Would you like her to come with us?" He asked in a husky voice, trying to provoke me, tilting my chin to drive my attention back to him. And it has the same effect then as a slap in the face. Well, without the pain of course.

"She's quite beautiful. Not as cute as you are, but enough to work a few years to entertain my guests…"

"You fucking son of a bitch!" I yelled at him, pulling hard on my shoulder and harshly shoving him away at the same time.

Yay! I'm free! Fuck the chair behind me that made me stumble. I regained my balance quickly but not quickly enough because he was ready to fight. Who am I kidding? He's always ready to fight.

"Leave her alone. She has nothing to do with you so don't you dare…"

I launched my fist at him, aiming for his oh so perfect face, but he grabbed my wrist without any effort. I knew he would do that! But my other fist connected violently with his stomach. I was totally stunned because I was sure he would have dodged it. Damn that hurt! Fucking six pack abs as hard as steel. I think I just broke my hand and he didn't even flinch. Nevertheless, I was quite happy because I actually did manage to hit him, after so many tries. Well, in fact I can count on one hand the times I succeeded in landing a blow on him. The first time doesn't count because he wasn't aware that I knew how to fight, but after that, it was another story.

I was in my happy bubble for a few seconds but I really should stop day-dreaming because last thing I knew, I was pinned down on my table, my arm painfully twisted behind my back. He crushed my body with his more powerful and damn heavier one, forcing my head to face towards the coffee shop with a not so gentle pressure on my neck, crashing my cheek on the cold metal of the table.

Maybe I should inform him that I'm not able to pass through the table. Or maybe not… Because if he tries to prove me wrong…

I think there's sugar scratching my skin. Great! Even the food is against me now.

All happened so fast I didn't even have the time to blink. Everyone around was deadly silent, quietly gathering their nerves to scramble away and desert the scene, wanting nothing to do with the conflict that had just started in from of their own very eyes, blindly returning to their peaceful life without even a glance or a guilty thought. That is, everyone except the slutty waitress who intentionally stared at me, taunting me with a victorious smile, as if her prayers have been answered faster than she expected. Remember when I told you that nobody was going to stand up for me? Eck, I was right! Come on! Men should be strong enough to fight their own battles. Even pinned on a table, squashed under the weight of the devil himself. Hum. Or not.

My assailant was so close to me that I could feel his body heat and his breath on my neck and ear.

"Don't I dare do what Marcus?" He asked me. Rhetoric question and I knew better than to answer. "How funny of you to threaten me like that."

Sorry for not agreeing with you, man. Funny is not the exact term I would use to describe the current situation.

"You play hardball my cute shrimp but I'm way out of you league. Seems you forgot who you belong to. Don't worry I will make you remember." A pause. "Thoroughly." He added for good measure. He nibbled at my ear and bit down. Hard. Anyway, hard enough to make me gasp and bite back a curse.

"Hands off! You fucking perv'!" I began to struggle uselessly. Teeth off would have been more correct.

He yanked at my hair and slammed my head back on the table with a loud bam. I cut my lower lip when my teeth banged together and a small line of blood dripped along my chin. I wriggled weakly under him, rapidly exhausting myself, wondering whether or not I should stay still. Till I heard someone scream and I recognised the voice. It was Aya's but she quieted down quasi immediately. In fact, just after a hulk in a suit grabbed her arm and began to shake her. Thought she was going to lay some eggs or what?

"Shit! Let her go!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, trying to kick the man pining me with my feet. I hit his shins a few times, not inflicting as many damages as I wanted to, before he trapped my legs between his.

"Let her go! Don't touch her with your filthy hands, you, brainless monkey!" I shouted at the hulk who glanced at his boss to take his order.

I don't know what their silent conversation said, because you see, when your head is crushed on a table, you can hardly look up. However, the goon stopped shaking her and that was all that counted. Gathering all the strength I had left, I tried to push up but he banged my head once again and I began to see stars. I don't think it's quite normal. I panted heavily as panic was gaining on me when the breath returned on my ear.

"You will stop that right now. You hear me? Stop. Struggling." Each word made me shiver with the iciness of his tone. Damn how can he be so calm?

"Now! Or would you like me to break your pretty arm?" He was not laughing anymore so I went limp in his arms and gulped.

"Mark my words, Marcus, because I won't repeat myself. If you want your little whore to live…" He whispered in my ear so I was the only one to hear "… you will do as I say. I know where she lives and it would be rather sad if, let's say, an accident was to occur, wouldn't it? She's young and her sole mistake is to have crossed your path. On the other hand, she has touched what's mine and so I would be glad to oblige and have her killed. So what do you think Marcus? Does she deserve to live?" He pulled my arm a bit up my back to indicate that he was expecting an answer. I whimpered in pain as my arm was throbbing. Fucking sadist!

"Y-yeah… she does…" I nodded. I was surprised by the sound of my own voice. I had hoped that I could sound calm but I barely managed to articulate an inaudible mutter.

"If that's what you want Marcus, you'd better behave because, believe me, you do not want to make me angrier than I am. And you know what I'm capable of when I'm angry."

Yeah… I knew pretty well.

"You can't even begin to imagine in how much trouble you are."

Believe me or not but I think I can pretty well imagine, thank you. God! I'm so screwed!

"You will be a good boy and obey. You no longer have a word of your own since I've claimed you as mine. So, as for now, I am going to release you and you will silently and obediently get in the car with me. No screaming. No lashing out. Is that clear?"

"Crystal." I gasped, trying to catch my breath because I had some difficulties to fill my lungs with him crushing me and all…

He released my arm and when he saw that I made no move at all, he loosened his grasp on my hair. Quite a miracle I'm not bald yet. As soon as the weight disappeared from my back, I quickly got up on my own two feet, the word spinning a little around me. Crap! I got up too fast. Think I'm gonna throw up. I begged silently for my stomach to settle down and it seemed that for once something heard me. Maybe, God doesn't hate me as much as I thought.

"Time to go back home, Marcus. I let you run wild for too long."

Oh yeah! Look at me! I'm so wild! He grabbed my chin or rather crushed my chin in his large hand and forced me to look at him in the eyes. Warning gaze, just to make sure I understood what is expected from me. If I can just find a dark hole and crawl into it… I blinked one time, two times. No dark hole. Forget what I said earlier: God fucking hates my guts.

"Marcus!" Aya's voice echoed in my whole body and I broke eye contact with the devil to gaze back at her. I groaned. That fucking goon was still holding her back and she hissed in pain, a distasteful grin contorting her face. The hand on my chin forced me to turn my head towards him but I didn't want to. Fuck it all! Like hell I will obey without putting up a fight. Who does he think he is, that fucking jerk?

I bit down on his hand. Hard and fast. Guess I'm the one who bites in the end. Stupid mouth always doing stupid things. I tried to go help Aya but my cheek met a fist in the way. His fist. Unfortunately for me, the fist won the battle and I landed a few meters away on a table, blood dripping from my forehead down into my eye. My head hurt like hell. I heard a high-pitched scream but it seemed so far away that I couldn't focus on what was said. Shut up people! And ground, stop moving around okay? Apparently the ground was not ready to strike the deal. Fuck.

I felt someone yanking me to my feet, pulling me by my hair. I swear, my days before being totally bald are counted. I clung to the hand in my hair trying to make it loosen its grip but there was no use. I stumbled and tripped on my own foot, but I was strongly led towards a car which just magically appeared in front of us. Black limo, opaque windows, perfect to move around hiding someone who's there against his will. Say for example, me.

A black-suited guy built like a tank opened the back door for him and he threw me to the ground like I weighed nothing. I didn't even have the strength to try to soften my fall. Car grounds are hard. He elegantly got in the car, followed by his two mad dogs of bodyguards. When the door closed, ending abruptly my life as a free man, I felt quite oppressed as I plenty registered what had happened in the last ten minutes. I heard a so well known chuckle and looked up to meet the familiar smirk. My eyes were burning with tears and blood. Oh my god! He found me! Julian Evans, the man I ran away from a year and a half ago, found me. I'm so dead!

The darkness was dangerously spreading around me but I welcomed it because right now, I would have preferred to be suffering in the deepest layer of hell than being here, in Evans' car. Going back to the devil's den. As I was losing consciousness, I remembered my first meeting with this man, a little over two years ago…