I was waiting under the grey clouds, in the early morning. It was a little windy. My hair was blowing on my face. I was wearing my school uniform waiting for the school bus to pick me up.

As usual, when I arrived at school, I went to find my friends in the cafeteria. They were sitting on a table on the left-hand corner. I went to join them.

After what happened to me last year, my friends try to make me smile all the time, but it's not that easy.

"Hello" Stephanie welcomed me. Stephanie was very polite and kind to everyone. She's a brunette. She has dark brown eyes, black hair and white skin.

I sat down with them. Sitting in front of me was Nate. We were very close in the past until last year, when everything changed. We used to share secrets but not today. Nowadays we only say "hello" and "goodbye" to each other. Today we're still friends but he does not know what he can tell me. Of course, he knows about my last year's accident.

All my friends cared about me except one person, Lizzie. She is blond with blue eyes. She is very jealous and she thinks she's very popular in school. In fact she is popular but not in the way she thinks she is. She's very proud of herself. Lizzie only talks to me when she needs something.

On the same table there was Lizzie's boyfriend, Nick. Nick is very polite and he's totally the opposite of Lizzie. If I could choose a girlfriend for Nick, I would choose Stephanie because they have a lot in common.

It was the first day of school after the summer holidays and some faces were new to me; they were first years or moved to our school. They looked confused. There were also old faces. One of them was Amy's face. She was my best friend until last year. She's in a gang and, of course, she's the leader. I was in that gang but I quite after the accident. Amy competes with Lizzie about popularity in school.

The bell rang. Everyone gathered in the hall to receive the time table. My first lesson was English. Stephanie had English with me too so we both went together to class. We set on the bench of the second row to the left of the class. There was a lot of chattering in class until Mr. Turner, the English teacher came in class. School was very boring to me except the English lesson. Time passed by without noticing. It was lunch time; I joined my friends in the cafeteria and they were planning to go out that evening.

"Hey Emma!" Stephanie said with a big smile on her face, "Do you want to come with us to the beach?"

"When?" I asked.

"Tonight" Nate told me before Stephanie could answer my question.

"At six o' clock" added Petra, the last girl who joined the group.

I was not sure what to answer but I said "Yes".