A beautiful little girl, seven years, waited patiently in her bedroom of a grand home. Little stubby fingers pressed up against the windowsill waiting for fathers' as well as her brothers' arrival.

She hoped they remembered her birthday was today. Soon enough, she saw a black car pull up along the drive way. She watched as three boys stepped out of the car along with a man in his early thirties; her father.

Excitingly the girl jumped up giggling, running down the hall. Her strapless purple dress dancing along with her dark curls as she made it down the stairs.

Although she was shy; as others her age, she playfully jumped into her loving fathers arms. Linking her tiny arms around her his neck, she gave him a big welcome home hug.

He smiled down at her, showing dimples that matched her own, and kissed her forehead.

"How's, my little princess?" He asked. "I missed you, daddy." Grey spoke softy, giving him a tiny peck on the lips. She wasn't the one who talked much.

"I missed you too, Grey." He murmured, chuckling a bit. He didn't think his little girl missed him so much, "Now where's your mother?"

"In the kitchen," she answered. Still carrying Grey, her father made his way down the hall, towards the kitchen, with his sons' in tow. In there, her mother cooked over a hot meal, cutting vegetables for dinner.

She greeted her husband, a bright smile illuminating her face along with sweet kiss. Then gathered her sons in her arms giving hugs and kisses to all her boys.

While Grey's father looked over the sizzling food, inhaling that sweet smell of a long over due-home cooked meal. A smile itched arcoss lips, onto his face; how he loved her meals.

He couldn't wait to chow down on her roasted lamb; his favorite, but in the mean time he gave Grey and himself one of her famous double chocolate chip cookies.

"Shh-don't tell your mother," he whispered in his daughter's ear, his cool breath tickling her, making her giggle.

"Dillon," she scolded, in a disapproving, but playful glare, "you know better not be spoiling her dinner."

"Busted," he grinned, guilty, with a gleam in his blue eyes. After a few quiet moments amongest one another, her mother guestered toward the boys. "Grey," she said gently," why don't you go welcome home your brothers," her mother attempted, with a slight smile, "while your father and I finish up dinner."

Her smile soon faded at the thought of the other three. Slowely she lifted her head off her fathers shoulder, and peered across the room.

Caustiously, her eyes skimmed over to them. Alec was seated at the table, playing cards with Cole. Grey could deal with them, she knew that, but Jace was different. Jace was the eldest of his siblings, the cruelest, the most demeaning of the other two. Unexpectedly, his pircing eyes, caught hers of guard.

Scared, she hid herself in her father's chest, shielding her from three sets of eyes, burning holes at the back of her head.

"Grey, sweetie, there's no need to be shy," he father told her, speaking softy, running a soothing hand up along her back, "they wont hurt you, there your brothers, they love you."

Unlike most children, Gray never took a liking to her older brothers.

She shook her head, motioning no, her face still buried in her father's chest. Her parents sighed; they didn't know why she disliked them with so much.

Alec and Cole were twins, they were nine only two years older than her. Then there was Jace, the oldest, at the age of eleven.

Abruptly, Jace grabbed for her, causing Grey to shriek back and whimper, further into her fathers arms.

Irriated, Jace clenched his fists together. All they wanted to do was love and cherish her, and Grey wasn't allowing them to do that. "Son, just forget it," His father sighed deeply.

"No." Jace said, sternly. Him and his brothers were sick and tired of her little antics.

He forceably took a hold of Grey, and lifted her into his arms, while she squirmed and wailed. Her tiny arms reaching out, little fingers, tyring to grab a hold of her father again, but failing.

"Mommy," she pleaded. "Its okay, sweetie," her mother called out to her, sadly. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes, she was hurt, her parents betrayed her, didn't they see she didn't want to be with them. Didn't they see, she was scared.

They ended up sitting under a tree, seeking shade from the burning rays from the sun. Flowers bloomed around them, making her sigh in content. Sniffing a bit, a last few remaing tears, escaped from under the hood of her eyes.

She was still reasonably uncomfortable sitting on Jace's lap, one arm warped tightly around her wasit; back to chest. While the other two sat on either side of her.

They sat there in silence a while; the occasional glance was given to her. She learned they liked silence as much as she did.

Grey sucked in a breath, once Jace was ran his fingers through her hair, brushing back a loose strand hair behind her ear. She cringed slightly, at his touch. He frowned.

Cole then plucked a flower from the rose bush, and gave it to her. "Happy Birthday, Grey," he breathed out, kissing her cheek tenderly.

Grey's cheeks flushed red, and smiled small as she held the rose bud between her fingers, twirling it a bit.

Alec inched closer, after his twin, searching her eyes, before he pecked her cute button nose. Causing Grey to scrunch her noise, and giggle.

Lastly, Jace lifted her chin to meet his gaze, warm eyes, gazed down lovelingly into hers. Slighly taken a back, Grey, felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

He chuckled, before kissing her lips briefly with his own, stopping it short. She liked this new affection they were giving her, espically Jace. His cold eyes, usually held no affection for her, but something else entirly different.

Jace pulled a gift from behind him, and placed it onto her lap. She stared confusingly at it. They got her a gift? "Well don't just stare at it," Jace told her, grinning, "It's from all of us, to you."

She hesitantly ripped the off the gift wrap and found herself holding a black velvet box.

Grey, looked up expectedly, waiting for approvely. She knew she had to be careful with him-Jace-around. He nudged her slighly, and shifted her in his lap. Opening the velvet jewerly box, slowly, she gasped at the tiny gold heart-shaped necklace that lay inside.

"It's pretty," Grey spoke. "Like you," Alec piped in, making her to blush again. They all gazed adoringly at her and Jace helped her clasp the necklace around her neck.

"Thank you," she said to them. They nodded in response. "I'm sorry." She said, playing with her fingers. Her voice barley just above a whisper.

"No need to be sorry, baby girl," Jace replied, nuzzling the back for neck, "just know we love you, no matter what. We'll be there for you, okay?"

She nodded. Abruptly, she burst out a fit of giggles, when they started tickling her. They laughed, smiling broadly, to see her happy. To know they finally made progress with her.

They made there way back to the house, all grinning in content, while Grey still shy to them, smiled.

Right then, she forgave her parents for letting her brothers take her without permission. They made it back with Jace holding her in his arms still; astonishing their parents. Grey never took on new people as quickly she did with them, even with other family memembers.

Their parents smiled down at their children; their family was finally coming together.

"Grey, go wash up for dinner, theirs special surprise after," he father told her as they entered the kitchen. Jumping out of Jace's arms, she took off running, but stopped short, coming back.

She gave a kiss to each of finally new renowned brothers, smiling afterwards, before finally running off again. Leaving shocked faces, filled with bemused expressions, both of which coming from her parents.

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