Sorry guys, but a ton of bad shit has been happening in my life...i'd rather not dwell on it, and the pressures of school and trying to live up to everyones expectations is getting to me. Sometimes all I want to do, is nothing all day. I'll try and update but not on this account, ive decided to start fresh and new, casue i'll be deleting this account.... I have a new account and I'll be posting there, to be honest, my updates are really unconsistent, bare with me, its not that i dont want to update, most times i dont have the time or when I start a story and get a few chapters down, i start to loose intrest, even though i got the whole story and plot down in my head--the hard part is getting it on paper. I will be editing My own Flesh and Blood---honestly i dont when i'll post it up....i'll let you guys know when i can if your still interested. Let me know.

Sorry again guys and thanks again for everything, even though i wasnt-arent-the greatest updater. When i just get an idea i go with it, sometimes i dont know where it will lead or it will anywhere--i dont know if they will amount to anything either.

My new name is Liese Mage--check it out if you want, i havent posted anything there except for one thing, its sort of a drabble though---its a supernatural/fantasy with slight brotherly incest nothing like flesh and blood, haha i know i just cant stay away from the topic. I dont believe in it, its just an interesting topic to write abou guys. i dont know where it'll take me, or if i'll continue with it, i got part of the second chap down, but yeah....writers block i guess..i dont know. Well again check it out again if you want.

Let me know ure thoughts. Peace.