I stood on the sidewalk my hands shoved deep into my Italia jacket, winter was coming quickly; I rocked back and forth from head to toe.

I began whistling lowly under my breathe, "Come on Callie." I muttered. I stared up at the white house; the huge column in the front brought back memories of the foster homes I attended.

He bounced me on his knee, his blue eyes smiling. He handed me my stuffed bear," Täällä menet pikku siskoa" he whispered, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

A figure came out from the side of the house, rustling the bushes, my eyes snapped over to the newly arrived figure.

He stood there, his arms crossed across his chest, my eyes skimmed over him; he was obviously muscular from the way his shoulders strained against the black shirt. A cigarette dangled from his lips, he took a slight drag on it every now and then. His hair was a dark brown almost black, falling shaggily to his ears. It was then I noticed in his left ear was a simple silver hoop; his green eyes were bright, they pierced through me.

"Who're you?" his deep voice sneered, as he looked me over. I shrugged nodding towards the house, unsure of whether to talk or not.

He cocked an eyebrow, "Chris's date?" I shook my head, curling my lip in disgust.

"Do you speak?" he snarled. I rolled my eyes at his intimidating look, attempting to overshadow the fact that my hands were shaking in my jacket pockets.

"Yes I speak, and no I'm waiting for my friend Callie. I'm supposed to go with them on a date to meet some guy."I shrugged, unenthusiastic about the whole situation

He laughed, "A blind date" I snorted at the thought, slightly ashamed that this was what I was lowered to. "Sure if that's what you want to call it. Who're you?" he smirked at me, taking a long drag on his cigarette. "No one of consequence sweetheart." I cocked my head to the side, and scanned him over; a tattoo peaked over the collar of his shirt. "O.M.G have you seen Chris's brother Kallen. His tattoo is like so like hot!" the high-pitched voices of my classmates giggled in my ear.

I silently cursed my memory of menial things such as that, but thanked it for the names that I remembered. As I was about to speak out Callie's voice came filtering through the door, "Anya, we're going to be riding with Chris's brother…oh hi Kallen. Are you ready." He smirked over at me, I shrugged.

I really didn't care for anything right now; Kallen ambled over to a giant of a truck. It was a deep black, chrome glinted in the sunlight. I looked at it in awe and yet somewhat fear. I was short, 5'3' to be exact. Callie and Chris came stumbling over each other through the front door, laughing and talking loudly.

Chris McFarlan was Westbrooks golden boy; his hair was blonde and glinted with highlights. His blue eyes were sparkling and he oozed charm from every pore. He was head over heels for Callie Johnson, my best friend, sister really. He chocolate locks fell around her face in a soft bob cut; her honey brown eyes were filled with warmth. I was envious of her figure. The climbed into the truck with athletic ease, still talking amongst themselves.

I stared angrily up at Kallen who sat in the driver's seat, arm slung over the wheel, smoke spiraling from the cigarette still dangling from his pierced lips.

I huffed angrily and attempted to climb up into the truck; strong hands encircled my waist and set me in the truck, my face burned with humiliation. I turned ready to thank Chris for his help, the 'thank you' stuck in my throat as I turned face to face with Kallen. His height put him eye level with me, his eyes glinted with amusement.

I swallowed, "t-thanks" I mumbled, averting my eyes from his gaze.

"Buckle up…sweetheart" I grimaced at the name; but bid as he told me, I didn't want to die in this huge metal death trap. Kallen jumped nimbly up into the driver's seat, I mentally cursed his athletic abilities.

He turned the key in the ignition and beast roared to life. The engine thrummed throughout me, the vibrations sent tingles through me. I gripped the sides of the seat in surprise. He shifted the truck into gear and tore out of the driveway. I yelped as he swung around a corner.

I squeezed my eyes shut, afraid of seeing my death; the truck rumbled beneath me; filling me with an odd calm. I smiled brightly; I released my grip on the seat and grinned over at Kallen. He grinned back, an actual grin not a smirk.

I looked back at Callie and Chris they were huddled together, pressed against the back seat, terrified.

"This is awesome" I giggled. I reached over the play with the stereo, when a hand reached out and snatched my wrist.

"Don't touch" Kallen snapped shortly.

I sucked in breathe between my teeth and yanked my wrist back, "s-sorry" I turned and stared out the window. Embarrassment pooled in my stomach, my hands fiddled with the zipper on my jacket. I had giggled; I had lost my cool composure.

I hummed under my breathe; I hated silence, it was unnerving. I leaned my head back against the headrest and watched as the city lights flew by on a canvas of the night sky.

"tänne pikku enkeli ive sinulle jotain." (Come here my little angel, I have something for you.)

He held out his hand to me, I grabbed it. His hands were strong and calloused from many years of work. His white blonde hair fell into his eyes as he looked down at me.

"Veli, puutuin, missä menet nyt?"(Brother, I missed you, where are you going?)

He frowned down at me, lifting me by my waist,

"Minun täytyy lähteä tänä iltana, enkeli, minun täytyy ottaa bisneksen huoli. Voitko tehdä jotakin minulle, pikun enkelini?" (I have to leave tonight little angel, I have some business to do, can you do something for me?)

I nodded my head, in my 6-year-old mind; he would come back to me, "Ole varma, enkeli, puettu ylleen unohtaa minut. minä löydän sinut eräänä päivänä, sinun täytyy poistua Venäjä tänä iltana. Menet Amerikkaan Mariskan ja Aleksin. Puettu ylleen unohtaa minut" (don't forget me, my angel, you have to leave Russia tonight, you will go with Mariska and Aleksi to America, I will find you one day, angel, don't forget me).

He set me down, ruffled my hair and walked to the door. He looked back at me and grinned; I smiled and waved at him. "tapa unohtaa sinut" (I wont forget you.

I had touched my shoulder, "Anya we are here."

I flinched away from the touch, "I will not forget you!"

I blurted out. "forget who?"

Chris piped up from the back, I shook my head, "nothing never mind, where are we?" I grimaced as I noticed we had stopped at a club, Rinotti's. I jumped out the truck, and shoved my hands in the pockets of my jacket once more; it became a habit after a stranger had noticed the tattoo adorning each of my wrists. A mark of my former life.

"Anya…jacket stays in the car"

I shook my head horrified, "Anya" Callie's voice dripped with the threat, I groaned and yanked the jacket off. The cold air hit my bare arms and I shivered involuntarily; I wore a trendy black halter-top.

The full collar encircled my neck, leaving my back bare; the black fabric slipped along my skin like silk; paired with a dark pair of jeans and black pumps made the outfit sophisticated yet sexy, as Callie had put it when she threw the clothes at me.

She reached up, yanked the ponytail holder from my hair, and fluffed up my hair as I glared at her, arms crossed over my chest. "Come on Anya your sexy, flaunt it." Her honey eyes smiled into mine, I shook my head and looked away guiltily.

"I don't want to flaunt it, YOU flaunt it." I grumbled, she just grabbed my arm and dragged me to the entrance of the club. The bouncer looked at her and grinned as she batted her eyelashes innocently at him.

"not without an escort Call." Callie grinned, and pulled Chris up to her, "wouldn't dream of it Vance."

His eyes flickered over to me; I shifted nervously from foot to foot. I didn't want to be here in the first place, now I didn't have an escort. A flicker of hope blared from within me. "Oh sorry Callie I don't have an escort, you just go without me" I struggled to keep my face looking forlorn.

"ill be your escort" a deep voice from behind us rumbled, Kallen swaggered up next to us. Still puffing on a cigarette, the plume of smoke encircled his head like a sheath. Vance looked critically at him, studying his defensive stance. His bulky arms crossed over a broad chest.

"Do you know him An?" I swallowed, warmth enveloped my neck; I realized Kallen had settled his hand on the back of my neck. His fingers messing with the collar, I nodded dumbly at Vance, "this is Kallen, Chris's older brother." Vance nodded and let us through the door.

As soon as we crossed the threshold, a wall of warm air hit us. The smell of cigarette smoke and stale sweat assaulted our noses. The music pumped through speakers and reverberated through the floor, vibrating through my system. The mass of bodies crowded the floor, bumping and grinding with each other; like a natural animalistic mating ritual. It disgusted me.

I pushed my way through the swaying bodies and made my way to the bar. Our friend Jack stood behind the bar, wiping out glasses with a white hand towel. When he saw me, he threw the towel over his shoulder, the stark white blaring profoundly against the black of his standard shirt. "Hey An, just a coke?"

I nodded listlessly and hopped up onto a barstool; I dropped my elbows on the bar and set my chin in my hands. A glass of the caramel liquid slid in front of me, the carbonation sizzling against the ice, a bright purple straw was thrown in and I grinned up at Jack. "thanks bud" I sipped my drink through the straw and surveyed the room. Stepping of the stool, I stretched my legs.

A guy began walking my way, strutting fit his profile more clearly. His brown hair was stripped with professional highlights, his pale blue Hollister shirt clung to his lithe body; a baggy pair of jeans hung loose of his waist. He walked up to me, his smile blindingly white. "I haven't seen you around here before." His voice was smooth and slick with honey.

I set my drink on the bar and looked up at him, "of course you haven't" I slipped my hands in my jean pockets; I could not stand having my hands in view. He stepped closer to me; his overbearing cologne suffocated the air around me.

I stepped back quickly, he stepped forward again, I stepped back one again; in between a pair of muscular legs encased a dark blue jeans. I sucked in air, my heartbeat thrummed against my chest. "do I know you?" Kallen's voice slipped from behind me, coldly.

I clenched my jaw, "hello dear" I struggled to spit out the words. A strong hand sneaked around my waist pulling me fully against his muscular chest.

"Hello sweetheart."