Aislinn is a weird name. Why would someone name their daughter Aislinn? I mean, really! There's so many people at my school who make fun of me because I'm named Aislinn and not something common like, oh I don't know, Andrea?

I was walking through the hallway at school onto my next class when one of the Football players, Kyle, bumped me into a locker and stopped to laugh at me.

"Watch where you're going, freak." He cackled.

"I'd rather be a freak than an idiot." I murmured to him.

He stopped laughing. "What did you just say, Bitch?!"

"Mr. Matthews!" A teacher yelled at him, only ten feet away. "Come with me."

He walked away but mumbled a word at me first. "Bitch."

"Ass." I countered.

I sighed and continued down the hall. School was let out a while ago and students were getting ready to leave. I'm a sophomore, 16 years old. I'm smart for my age, and I'm in all advanced classes, including P.E.

Grabbing my bag, I left the school and walked down the street, heading down to the McDonald's for some coffee. I was meeting some friends there. I'm friends with a boy named Luca, a girl named Temperance, and another girl named Janette. Janette's twin brother is also one of my friends and his name is Jonny.


"Look, Uncle Levy, I'm sorry but you need to STOP this. Immediately!" Jamison growled at his uncle.

"Jamison, look, we're only trying to help you!" Levy tried to reason. Gary was standing next to him. Gary was Jamison's other uncle.

"You think you're trying to help me but you're hurting everyone else!" He yelled, turning on his heel and walking away. He walked up the stairs on the right side of the foyer and slammed the door shut to his room. Cail, his older brother by two years, was sitting in a beanbag chair, playing Guitar Hero.

"Whoa, angry, much, bro?" Cail chuckled. "What happened this time?" He paused the game and faced his brother. Unlike Jamison, who had dark brown eyes and black hair, Cail had dirty blond hair and green eyes. Jamison resembled his father more whereas Cail looked more like their mother.

"They did it again!"

Cail laughed. "That's just Uncle Levy and Uncle Gary, you know that."

Jamison sighed, running his tan hand through his jet black hair. "Yeah. I know. That's the sad thing."


I laughed, pointing at Janette. She had screamed her head off when Temperance jumped at her back. Janette blushed scarlet red, the color contrasting against her pale skin, making her look like a porcelain doll.

"Shut up!" She pushed my shoulder gently, laughing a bit herself.

"Alright, well, I've got to get home, guys. See you tomorrow." I got up with my book bag over my shoulder, leaving the McDonalds. I waved goodbye to my friends.

I was walking a little a ways away from the town, down the road to my house. There were barely any cars coming down.


"Look, no matter what Jamison says, we promised. We have to do this until it's right." Gary told Levy while they were driving down a road, coming out of town.

"Exactly. I don't know why he's so against it. I mean, all of them have been willing to, you know?"

"Maybe…he doesn't like those kind?" Gary took his eyes off the road for a second to look at his brother before looking back.

"Maybe…" Levy's eye caught something. "Whoa, whoa. Looky here." He pointed to a girl walking by herself down the side of the road, her book bag slung over her shoulder. She was looking at the ground, spacing out. "Good figure. Pretty face. I think she's perfect." He grinned a toothy grin at Gary.

Gary smiled back and pulled to the side, slowing moving the car next to the girl.


I got a chill down my spine right before a red Honda Subaru pulled over to the side of the road next to me. I gripped my book bag strap tightly, ready to run.

"Hey, girl, what's wrong? You look sad. My name's Levy." The man on the passenger side smiled cheekily at me.

"I'm not a whore, go find someone else." I growled at him, staring forward.

"Whoa, whoa, girl. We were just being nice. Maybe we could give you a ride home?" The driver asked, somewhat politely.


"At least to another town closer?"


"Can we talk?"

"No." I was getting annoyed and I sped up my pace.

The car sped up too but stopped a little in front of me. They both got out and stepped toward me. I went to take a running start but I felt two sets of arms wrap around me. A blindfold went around my eyes and another was put in my mouth. They tied my hands and I screamed and struggled as much as I could.

Throwing my in the back seat of the car, they locked the doors and got in, driving off.

"We're sorry about this but you gave us no choice." The driver winced, apologizing.

I started swearing at them in German. It was muffled by the blindfold.

"Hey!" Levy yelled, glaring at me. "Watch the language!"

"Just… relax. If you fight, you're friends will get it." The driver threatened.

My heart skipped a beat and I stiffened. My friends…

I sat up straight and stared ahead, memorizing the roads we turned on. I had to go through whatever it was they wanted otherwise my friends…Tears filled my eyes.