Story Title: My Friend Fire

Author: Hikari no Vikki

Genre: Fantasy/Nature

Description: My friend fire is my everything: the light in my eyes, the power in my soul. Fire is a part of me and I a part of it, and until the day I die, that is how it shall be.

Author's Notes-

I wrote this a little over two years ago for a writing contest. I didn't win, but I was satisfied with the result of my efforts.

My friend fire is fickle, fiendish, but favorable. It is a hungry friend, a happy friend, we are a dog and its master. We take turns as the dog, obeying the orders of the other, and as the master, giving them. We share blame, pain, and punishment, no matter the quarrel.

Fire is greedy, giving, beautiful, and wise. We tell each other secrets like schoolgirls into the dark hours of night. We are two peas in a pod, nothing more, nothing less. I could not ask for a better friend.

It enraptures me fire does, its bright light ablaze in my eyes. It sings me my lullabies each and every night, filling my dreams with its soft firelight. They are of shadows, of light, and fire, of water and wind, and earth and time. Fire whispers to me softly, and carries me through the night.

My friend fire is a dancer, a performer and an addiction. When it runs across my skin, I purr and stars dance behind closed eyes. When it plays with my hair it turns it red with its flames.

It is my only addiction, fire, one that ravages my soul if I have less than I want. Like any addiction, I crave it, fire, and I lust at the thought of it. Fire is a dangerous addiction, though this one doesn't quite kill. It seems a tame creature at times, but it is quite the opposite, for its thrill. For my fire may look safe, but this addiction is not without its ill.

It can get angry, violent, and mean. It can become a monster, and make me one too. Fire has a temper, but, so do I, and even though we squabble, we can always return our calm.

And yet I love the way it twists and turns when it performs for me. I've never missed a single performance.

When it rushes through my blood and bones it and I seem one. Then fire is me and I am fire, each of us moving in tune to the other. I sing to it, and it dances along, not a beat or step is missed in our song.

It fuels my passion and fiery temper and it grants me my skin so fair, hair as red as itself, and the light behind my eyes. Forever we will stay fire and I, forever best friends that always see eye to eye.

My friend fire is my everything; the light in my eyes, the power in my soul. Fire is a part of me and I a part of it, and until the day I die, that is how it shall be.

Flames are my friend, according to this, apprently. Constructive criticism please. :)