my heart beats so slowly,

i'm caught up on you,

and i just want to be in your arms,

forever to say,


i love you,

but is it ever consensual?

and i can't decide what to do,

something tells me that you could be with me,


i want you to me there for me,

catch me with all the trips that make up my life,

but everything's complicated,

and you're not answering your phone,


i wonder if you just want something outta me,

or if you really care about me,

and something wishes that what you say isn't true,

i want someone to believe in me,


questions leave my mind blurred and unfocused on reality,

but your smile brings back to you,

and i want something to happen between us,

just tell me what really lies in your heart,


you think of me as more,

and i know that you want me,

i can see it in your eyes,

but you clarify it everytime,


i know i'm not the prettiest or best,

but i could treat you right,

and there's nothing to worry about,

i'm here for you,


the texts are spurs of the moment,

and i know that you don't realize what i could do for you,

but i thought i was always painfully obvious,

i wish that you knew better,


i can see that you want to hang with me more,

the sweet gestures come across as more than something friends do,

but i could be wrong,

like always,


i just want to be loved,

something that i feel you could do for me,

take me on a long ride,

and i'll take the steering wheel,


i think i need you,

i'm thinking of you,

we need to say what's been on our minds,

i see the way you look at me,


i'm afraid to take you as something else,

i don't think of you like that,

i just think you could treat me right,

my heart's just telling me that i wouldn't regret it,


flirting and playing along,

closeness with awkward touching,

giggling and singing,

we're a perfect match,


doesn't it all start at friendship?

but i heard it can blossom until something great,

but my patience is wearing thin,

i guess i'll wait until it grows,


i guess i'll wait until it grows.