The Unicorn Fyria

A glint of silver…

A flash of blue…

'Damn you!' to my left I hear a loud whicker… he's laughing at me!

'C'mon Fyria, you mean you can't keep up?' the tone was taunting, 'I thought you were the fastest of the fast!'

Angered and embarrassed I stomp the ground, 'Yeah on an open plain. There's too many roots in the forest.'


Rearing up onto my hind legs I neigh loudly, 'That's it Silviun, you're done for when I catch your blue butt!'

Another whicker straight ahead, 'Well see Fyria, you have to actually start running first.'

Ignoring his comment I thunder off in the direction of the whicker. My hooves beat the ground at a steady pace, slower than I would like. Pushing myself more I gave a small smile in satisfaction as I heard the trees whistle by in quicker numbers. It was hard to go this fast when all thoughts screamed of impending danger. Ignoring the alarm blaring in my head I dashed through the underbrush. Slowly the sounds of level breathing and cloven hooves began to get louder. The small breaks in the trees' foliage above shined down on a dark unicorn running not far ahead.

'You're mine Sil!'

'Wha- ahhhh!'

Without any warning whatsoever the trees broke, the sunlight near blinding as I stood on the edge of a cliff. I paced the cliff looking down at the small whites waves that became ripples in the still lake water.

'Sil…! Silviun…!' panic settled in my stomach, 'Sil are you ok!?'

Nothing but silence.

'You're worse then my mom,' a silver horn and then a blue-grey head emerged from the water, 'I'm just taking a nice dip.'

The panic instantly dissipated relief now in its place, but my relief quickly turned to anger, 'Now that's why I don't like running in the woods! You never know-'

'What will be around the next bend, blah blah blah,' Sil's head made nodding motions to emphasize the blahs, 'Jeez Fyria if you ever foal I feel terribly empathetic towards your offspring.'

In response I stuck my tongue out at him, 'Well as long as they're not as wild, and by wild I mean stupid, as you then I should be fine.'

He made a face then said, 'Come join me! The water feels good.'

I blanched slightly at the idea, 'I'll pass.'

'Ugh! You're such a spoilsport.'

I glared at him and started trotting off in the direction we came.

'Aw Fyria I was just kidding! Wait for me!'

'Why would you want a spoilsport like me to wait for somebody as fun as you?' I flicked my tail annoyed, Sil was always fun until you didn't want to do something he wanted to do.

'I swear you're too sensitive,' disappointment rang through each word.

That was what set me off, throwing up a mental wall I charged off. Sensitive? Sensitive? What did he expect?

I guess he's more thick then I thought, he apparently didn't notice the forlorn expression I gave him when he spent time with Desri and how she could keep pace with him much better then I could. The way she looked at him bothered me the most. I never told Silviun how I felt about him, the blossoming warmth I felt near him, how he's the only one that could make or break my day.

Didn't take long for me to hear his loud gait, he was probably letting me know he was behind me. He neighed quietly and I ignored it, he wanted me to take down my wall. When we reached the border of trees that outlined the large meadow we lived in I ran all out quickly going outside Silviun's ear shot.

Trees dotted the meadow where we roamed, although the meadow was huge not many of us were left, year by year our population shrunk making the meadow seem almost too large. With the town growing in size nearby so did our werewolf problem. The pack that hunted us had grown to an alarming one-hundred easily trumping our measly forty-three unicorns.

A vision of dark red shimmered in my peripheral. Inclining my head towards the red I saw Desri, anger instantly flared. I always thought she was so much more beautiful then me with her deep red coat, black as pitch mane, and ebony hooves and horn.

Her eyes gleamed with excitement, turning my head further I realized why. Silviun still stood at the forest line, his eyes no longer trained on me.

A new wave of grief wracked my system then turned into a cold hard lump in my stomach. Sensitive… Maybe I was too sensitive.

I slowed as I neared a familiar oak, the tree was so ancient and gnarled it seemed misplaced in the field of mythical creatures. Leaning up against my familiar nook of comfort I sighed. The soft sound of grass crunching beneath hooves made me glance up.

'Fyr… are you ok?' Kitarr nestled down next to me nuzzling my cheek in affection.

I grunted, a very un-unicorn sound.

'That bad eh?'

'You could say that.'

'Want me to go give him what for?' entertainment glimmered in his eyes.

'How do you know its about Sil?' I asked slightly annoyed by his intuition.

'Who else could get your feathers so ruffled,' he nuzzled me again, 'I swear sister he's not worth your time.'

'Not like it'll matter soon anyhow,' I sighed.

'What do you mean?' his gaze suddenly looked intense, 'You're not leaving us are you?'

'No, no! Of course not,' I quickly backtracked, 'Just… He likes Desri more anyhow.'

He snorted, 'If he's willing to give her the time of day over you then he is not worth even your smallest thought or consideration.'

'But he was there when mom and dad…' the statement was too painful to finish.

'What am I? Chopped liver?' he snorted again, 'No worries sis, it'll be you and me against the world.'

I nuzzled my brother's cheek the same as he did mine, 'Thank goodness I have you Kitarr, I don't think I could have made it without you.'

'I disagree, you're stronger than you think.' that said he stood back up a smile playing in his eyes, 'Get some rest Fyria, sleep sweet dreams.' He trotted off his black fur and white mane glistening in the lowering sun.

Closing my eyes I retreated into my thoughts… Three years ago our parents were killed by the same pack of wolves that terrorize us now. I still remember the color of the wolf that took them down, white as snow. I even recall its severe pale green eyes as it stared off after me and my brother scrambling away, the blood from my parents still coating its muzzle. That wolf ran through my nightmares for months afterwards. Just about every night Kitarr woke up with a new injury.

During that time Silviun spent every day making sure I was completely focused on having fun, and not on my parents. I wanted to tie my life to his, but when Desri showed up from the woods he began showing less interest in me and more in her.

Desri, the beautiful unicorn with no recollection of anything but her name, instantly caught Sil's attention…

And just about every other male unicorn…

Kitarr never cared much for her, thank goodness, to have my brother chasing after her would probably drive me crazy. He always said he sensed an impurity about her, something that wasn't like us. It might have something to do with where she came from was one of his theories, I thought that was what it was as well.

There were stories of other unicorns that could walk on two legs or on four, the very thought was amusing. The same stories said the unicorns would live among the humans, using their magic to hide what little of their unicorn heritage that persisted in their human form. The idea was humorous, but right now I wouldn't mind a reprieve from this place, to not feel like I'm being hunted every second of the day.

I fell asleep to the thoughts of unicorns turning human…

Only to awake to the cacophony of wails and howls…