The girl looked at me, fear was apparent on her face.


Dammit Duke, of all the times. I glanced at her wondering what to do. Duke couldn't know about her, I can't hide that horn. Hoping to any and every god she would understand I put my palms out to her and put my hand over my mouth. She nodded but that wasn't much reassurance.

Stepping out of the room I turned to find Duke almost right in front of my door.

"There ya are!" he smiled big, then assessed my face, "Did I… interrupt something?"

"N-no, nothing at all," I mumbled, I was a horrible liar.

The stupid grin spread, "Can I meet her?"

"What makes you think I have a girl in there?" I snapped, annoyed at how much I let show.

His grin faltered a bit then was replaced by a smirk, "Ah, well I'll make my own food today, I believe I know where your hands have been." Turning he walked off before I could realize what he meant. I blushed as soon as I pieced it together.

Trudging back inside my room a small shock of panic shot through me when I didn't see her in my chair. Glancing to the right and left I found her at my dresser. She had turned around when I opened the door holding something in her hands. When I looked closer I couldn't help but laugh.

In her hands were one of my pairs of boxers, and through the front of the boxers she stuck her hand out with a puzzled look set into her expression. She was so extremely cute I wish I could tell her… even if she did understand what I was saying I don't know if she'd take me saying that well.

Sighing I walked up to her and gently took the boxers from her. I smiled brightly at her and she smiled back. Shutting them back in the dresser I turned towards her and noticed her hair seemed a bit frazzled.

Taking her hand I pulled her along to my bathroom, her hand was hot in mine. Opening the door and flicking on the light I presented the room to her, "Bathroom."

She wasn't paying attention at what I said though, I watched her stare at the mirror with a mixture of awe and disgust. Walking closer she poked her cheek and stuck out her lips. Standing there she examined herself, her eyes flicked around the mirror image of her face but always landed back onto themselves. Her cheeks began to color and her brows furrowed together. I didn't understand what was going on until a small tear fell from the corner of her eye.

Turning her towards me it was almost impossibly to break her attention from herself in the mirror. Putting both hands on the sides of her face I made her focus on me. When her eyes were looking into mine I gently wiped the tears away. There was a sadness in them I couldn't comprehend, a sadness on a level of the deepest heartache. But I could guess what it was about.

"You. Are. Beautiful," I tried so hard to convey my message to her, to get her to understand.

She shook her head, I didn't know if it was to my statement or if she was just giving in to the reality of things. I knew what she really was. If the horn wasn't truth enough, the tail gave it away. Regardless of her more inhuman features she was amazingly beautiful.

I thought she was exotic when she laid asleep in my arms but with her warm burgundy eyes open I really got to appreciate the unique beauty of her face. Her eyes were ever so slightly slanted. She looked like some fallen goddess with her skin as white as fallen snow.

As she looked up at me through wet lashes I realized how much I wanted to kiss her. Those perfect lips pouted out ever so slightly to make her already irresistible mouth just that little bit more irresistible. How could I be so attracted to someone who's name I don't even know? Someone who can't even tell me their name.

Sighing I pulled away from her and picked up the brush from beside the sink. Turning her towards the mirror again I began to brush her hair going as gently as I could through the knots. I felt her eyes on me through the mirror.

I heard her take a deep breath and when I looked at her she had her eyes closed. She leaned back against me and when I stopped brushing her hair she opened her eyes to look at me.

"You really are beautiful," I whispered and she watched me more intensely, "I wish you could understand what I was saying…" Her eyes closed again and she pushed back against me, I took that as a queue to start brushing again.

It felt good, to feel her this close, her feverish skin against mine.

She made a noise and I leaned forward, "What was that?" I whispered. She grunted and laid her head against my cheek giving me a nice whiff of her hair. There wasn't a smell in the world that could possibly come close to the elegant soft scent of her. I groaned loudly as her full weight fell against me bringing heat to my already aching crotch.

Setting down the brush quietly I lifted her into my arms, it was so amazing how light she seemed. I softly placed her onto the bed and pulled the covers back over her. Poor thing has had a hell of a day.

Hell, I've had a hell of a day.

Yawning I shuffled out of my bedroom, my stomach pulling me towards the kitchen. Thank god Duke ate enough in a day to feed a country for a year, the fridge was stockpiled for what looked like World War III. I sifted through the contents of the freezer contemplating the unicorn in my room.

The unicorn… I can't believe I can say that.

A unicorn.

A creature of myth.

Is in my bedroom.

Sleeping in my bed.

I felt my pace increase and took deep breaths. C'mon Will, she's not dangerous… not as far as you've seen at least.

Wiping the sheen of sweat from my forehead I pulled a box of lasagna from the back of the freezer. Ripping off the plastic wrap I threw it in the microwave. Setting the timer I leaned against the counter already deep in my thoughts.

How was I going to teach her how to talk? I can tell her what each thing is but that doesn't help her form the words, don't they have specific type of teachers for persons who can't speak right or at all? As if I would know. Rubbing my temples I sighed, I seemed to be doing that a lot lately, sigh after sigh.

What if she's just biding her time? The moment you turn your back she may disappear and you'll never know if she was real…

I shook my head and mumbled to myself, "She's real…"

"What was that Willy?"

Duke's sudden appearance made me jump a foot in the air.

"I said if you sneak up on me like that again I'll stab you with a fork," I growled brandishing the cutlery I had.

He just laughed his stupid dopey laugh, "Aw, Willy no reason to be so uptight. You need to let me introduce you to Patricia, she's learning to become a masseuse. She'll get those knots right out and far as I've seen she loves to give happy endings."

Rolling my eyes I turned back to my lasagna, "No thanks."

"Ah, that's right you got lefty and righty to help you with those long nights," he emphasized by making both hands into fists.

Punching his shoulder I growled louder, "Go watch some T.V. and leave me alone."

"Only if you make me one of your sandwiches," a big grin spread across his face and his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas.

"Fine just get out of the kitchen," I snapped.

"Yay!" He skipped off of the tile and onto the carpet of the living room dive bombing on the couch as it groaned in protest.

"The couch called, it said stop plopping your fat ass down on it."

He was too happy to be disheartened, "Just more of me to go around."

I stuck my tongue out at him and he just grinned back. Listening to the squabbling about sports in the background I began pulling out all of the materials needed for my famously delicious sandwich.

Expertly putting my masterpiece together in record time I shoved my head once more in the fridge to find some sodas.

"Bring the tortilla chips and some salsa," Duke said in a monotone too entrapped in the argument about what team was going to win today.

"Yes sir, master sir!" I replied sarcastically.

My hands and arms completely filled with food and drink I sat down next to him on the couch. Balancing my bounty I put everything in its place on the table. Duke's nostrils flared and his eyes flickered form the T.V. to the food.

"Ohhhhh, this looks like it'll hit the spot!" he immediately began taking large hunks out of his sandwich.

"Jeez, learn to chew."


"Say it don't spray it," I flicked the chunks of food from my lap, "Pig."

He chuckled and swallowed the sandwich whole, "If I don't spray it how would you know how good it was?"

"Word of mouth?" I suggested as I chewed on some of my lasagna.

"Well that's no fun."

"Of course not."

We ate in silence for a few, Duke already halfway through the bag of chips.

"Can we change the channel?" I pleaded.


"Pretty please? With cherries on top?"


"Gah, you suck, you know I hate football," I said scowling at the T.V.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you're missing some balls."

I was about to make a witty comment back when something caught my attention, the soft footfalls of bare feet.

"William?" a soft feminine voice called out.

The soda dropped from my hands and I had stopped breathing as I felt Duke's body shift to look back at the mythical creature I knew that stood behind us.

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