Why did he love her,
was it her hair smouldering in the light?
Why did he love her,
her face in a show of delight.
Why did he love her,
the quiet intensity of her stare.
Why did he love her,
was it because she would always care?
Why did he love her?
when he knew her heart was pure,
her love belonged to another,
this, his heart would have to endure.

Through-out his hurt and anguish,
he would stay to remain her friend.
It soothed him to be near her,
but his heart would never mend.

To her, he would always care,
to him, she would always turn to.
Her secrets would always remain sacred,
his heartbreak gradually grew.

He was always there to listen,
he would lend a shoulder for her cries.
He was the architect of her happiness,
he would wipe the tears from her eye's.

He was there to make her laugh,
he would wait up for her all night.
It was because he loved her,
that he wanted to make sure she was alright.

No matter where she would go,
it didn't matter where she had been.
No matter if he could not hold her,
or how long she remained unseen.
She was never far from his mind, always weighing down his heart.
These feelings he fought to surpress,
they tore his soul apart.

For she was the reason he lived,
with her, his life would surely die.
He had pretended for far to long now,
he was continuously living a lie.
But, when he had to make a choice,
his affection for her was such.
That he never told her how he felt;
never told her of his love.
to him,
Their friendship was a sacrifice,

A sacrifice too much.