Reunited Love

Standing in the dim light of the Kyoto amphitheatre I couldn't help the nervous bead of sweat that was beginning to tickle my brow. Hastily wiping it away I peered out past the stage into the audience; scanning, looking for familiar faces to see how many people were there that I knew. Almost immediately I realized it was a bad idea, an easy forty-thousand people were conversing waiting for the concert to start. Thankfully it wasn't sold-out but it was more than enough to make me nervous enough to worry about messing up my first big performance.

That was when I saw him, in the middle of all those people and faces I didn't know. Now even more nervous I sighed to myself trying to get my composure back, but to no avail. Standing in that crowd of people was my long time best friend Jake! He was actually here, I mean I know he always said that he would come to my first performance but when he had died I assumed that he would not come.

You know what they say Noah, "assume and you will make an ass out of you and me". I couldn't believe he had actually been able to make it here for my concert! Apparently he wasn't dead after all like the whole school thought. Though my joy was short-lived because him being alive raised another important question, where in the hell had be been? Granted I should have known because there wasn't a body found when his house burned down, no body would mean no death, but I was too worried about him to notice the obvious.

It was then that the stage lights flashed on and the cheers began to draw me out of my thoughts and back into reality. Stepping behind the curtain one last time I allowed a small nervous sigh to escape me but continued to smile. The cheers echoed off the Amphitheatre walls and the surrounding area even which made me smile. They want a concert; by the Gods I will give them one.

Letting my hair fall to my shoulders I smiled once more, this time it stayed, and tossed the band that had been holding my mid-length black hair back into the trash. Taking one last look into the mirror I instantly wished I hadn't.

Hunters stood behind me, apparently decided during my first big concert would be a good time to strike. Damn it even after centuries they still don't quit. Damn it! Lycanthropes, more so known as werewolves, were never known to many as being a supernatural fact. Those that do know pride themselves on hunting them, killing them, and using what they get from them to better their own existence. These murderers are called Hunters.

Taking one last look around me I sighed to myself and slammed a fist into my mirror breaking it, so much for my concert. If I don't get out of here now there will never be a chance to fix this and put a true concert on. The only problem was there were more than a few Hunters. Travelling in pairs is worrisome enough, but when they assemble in groups they're planning to kill you and split you up. Unusual since they would get a smaller bounty each then, I guess I'm just that good. The thing is it wouldn't last, they're greedy bastards, all Hunters care about is their pocket lining; no friends or family, nothing but themselves and their riches.

In a flash of movement to quick for human eyes to catch, even those of a trained Hunter, I was in the audience blending in with the tens of thousands of my fans waiting for a concert that would not happen tonight. Sorry everyone, but if I don't get out of here the concert will never happen. Death was not a pleasant thought to me, nor was it one that I could afford to let come true. With a growl I turned to face the Hunters that would be there by now but there was nobody there. The entire world had changed; I was no longer in the Amphitheatre.

I now faced a completely different scenario, the fans were gone and so was everything else for that matter. I stood in the Kyoto forest, in feudal times it seemed, on a dirt path. Looking around me and letting my senses open up fully I lifted the mental shield allowing my mind to reach out. After searching with my mind for a few moments I finally made mental contact with the person that had brought me here.

Jake! He quite possibly saved my life! Oh how I loved that boy!

"Noah, my prince, I have missed you little wolf." Jake's voice sounded as beautiful and musical as ever, this was what I had been searching for. I was truly happy and would not have traded this for anything.

"Jakey … You do not have the faintest idea of how much I have missed you but why have you brought me back to this timeframe. You know I have bad memories in the feudal era, and you know that I do not like this time."

Even as I spoke I saw him step from the trees and start to walk towards me. He looked amazing. Jake's long black hair was let loose and blew lightly in the gentle breeze and whipped lightly when it picked up. His clothes were that of the feudal era, a classic Japanese Kimono, for males of course, and a necklace showing his position as a Noble. Above his right eyebrow was a silver star piercing, symbolizing his position as High King in Faerie, a different realm entirely.

"I know my prince, and I have missed you." As he spoke I smiled softly feeling myself walk towards him as he came towards me. Should it have been so hard to not run? I don't know, I don't think I ever will. Wrapping my arms around the other boy and laying my head on his chest I closed my eyes and nearly wept.

I nearly wept from happiness, for seeing him alive and well. Nearly for the fact that him not shoving me away as he had when we were forced to part and go separate ways for my concert meaning we would have to wait to try a relationship. Nearly because he was holding me close, with no intention of letting me go which showed he still loved me. I even nearly wept for a more sobering reason to this dream, the dark cloud in the sunshine; If he had brought us to this era than there was no going back until whatever problem there was had been reconciled.

I was stuck in the feudal era, with the most amazing boy in any realm, and I wanted to go home. What was wrong with me?

"Jakey, why are we here? I want to go home."

"We are here, Dear Heart, because the world needs its prince. I know you want to go home, and I want to go home with you too. However you know, as well as I, that when our rule as Wolves calls we must go."

Lifting my head to look at him I could have wept, but instead I smiled. The caring look in his eyes forced me to it. That decided it, I would live in this era with him, and have no complaints about it. I loved him from the first time we met, and I still did even if he was near-forcing this mission onto me. It had to be done, and so it would.


"Yes Jakey?"

Smiling he leaned down and slowly brushed his lips over mine in a soft and gentle kiss. Shivering I slowly kissed him back and smiled against his lips to whisper softly, "I love you Jake."

"I love you too Noah, more than I can begin to tell you in this lifetime or any other. I could not begin to tell you how much I have missed you and how glad I am to see that you are okay."


"Yes Noah?"

"Why are those Hunters after me? What have I done that is so wrong that I deserve to have to hide from them all time?"