Okay, so this is my try at a first story. I'm not sure if "Shattered" would be an appropriate name for it or not, but I tried my best to think of a fitting name! I hope you all enjoy, I'm quite nervous because this is my first story...Actually, it might seem a little boring at first, but I haven't gotten to the action yet. ;) Haha. But mainly, this chapter is the background information, and it's just establishing Alice's personality.





I am only a junior in high school, and considered extremely naive by my peers because of my ever protective parents, who only want the best for me. I believe in the good of people.

You can call me Alice Palmer. I'm your normal sixteen year old teenager I suppose. Depending on your definition of "normal" that is. Alice Palmer, with my messy dark brown hair and thoughtful chocolate brown eyes. I was never one to think that I'm a masterpiece of beauty. I'm "socially awkward" you could say.

When it comes to my friends I can act a bit crazy, but when it comes to people I have never talked to in my entire life, my lips seem to stick together and it seems like the cat really does have my tongue.

Even so, I am still sort of reserved around my friends. When it comes to guys, I am never a girl where they'd be drooling at my feet and hanging on to my every word. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that bad in the looks department either. I suppose, like I mentioned already, it's because I'm socially awkward. I can't seem to find anything to talk about with people unless I really get to know them. And that's only if they actually try hard to get to know me.

Take my best friend Maggie Volker for instance. We've been friends since the fifth grade. Even way back then I didn't communicate with other kids too well. But she nagged at me every day until I finally began opening up to her, and now we're as close as can be. Although the situation with her is different.

She's a beautiful red-head, with guys always fighting for her attention. Her intense, flashing green eyes intrigue them, so you can say. She's out-standing and is extremely popular around the school. I absolutely adore her, but not in the way where I worship her as a goddess or anything. I adore her in a way that I'd do anything for her because she's closer than a blood-relative.

Speaking of relatives, I don't have the most thrilling family in the world. We have our disputes, but we manage to live together quite happily too. My parents are extremely protective of me, so I suppose that's why I can be so "naïve" sometimes. But I'm sure you don't want me to go on about these dull things.

I'll move on from that.

One sunny Monday afternoon Maggie and I entered Penelope High School for the first day of our Junior year. "Oh my gah I am so freaking excited! Aren't you, Alice?" Maggie exclaimed enthusiastically.

Me, I was already off in my own world, worrying about things. "Huh?"

Maggie giggled and rolled her eyes at me. "Get with it Alice! It's the first day of Junior year! Be excited! Who knows, you might see a cute guy or something."

"Mag, I highly doubt that-"

"Oh stop it with that attitude. I bet this year you're going to meet a cute guy that you're going to fall head over heels in love with," Maggie said, smiling.

The look on my face when she said that caused her to laugh. "What's so funny?" I said self-consciously, twirling a strand of my hair nervously.

"It's just…the way you looked. Why are you so totally against the idea of getting a boyfriend anyway?" Maggie flipped her auburn-colored hair over her shoulder and smiled at some guys passing by. One guy punched the other and they both waved at her and walked away nonchalantly.

Shaking my head, I shrugged and replied, "I don't know…I just…well you know…"

Maggie laughed again. "I know, I know! You're 'socially awkward'. But honey, you can always step away from that. Talk to guys, it'll be fine! They're not going to attack you or anything."

I blushed. "Well I know. I mean, yeah, you know. I know that. Uh…"

"Oh, look over there," Maggie whispered excitedly. Relieved that her attention had shifted to something else, I looked around to find her object of interest. Only to see her latest boyfriend, Danny Afton striding towards us. His dirty blonde hair was styled messily, and his blue eyes sparkled as he made his way towards…Maggie. Not me of course, it's never me that guys make their way towards. It's always Maggie, obviously. She's the pretty one.

"Hey Maggie," Danny said, putting his arm across her shoulders casually.

Maggie squealed and began talking animatedly to him. They both walked away slowly, leaving me standing there at the doors alone. I groaned and trudged after them. I could already tell how exciting the school year would be. Me being left behind, as always. Did you get the sarcasm there?

In second period, U.S. History, Mr. Gilbert was boring the class with his speech about how "fun and knowledge-filled" the semester was going to be. At that the entire class groaned.

I tuned him out and took a look around the classroom. I glanced at the people I would be sharing the rest of the semester with, and saw a cute guy sitting two seats to the right of me. I shifted my attention away quickly before I thought about it too much. I noticed Amy Barnes, one of the…not so loved "popular" girls of the school.

Let's just say I've had bad luck around her. Luckily, with the school-beloved Maggie as my best friend Amy didn't bother me too much.

"Alice…Alice Palmer," I heard Mr. Gilbert calling my name as I was caught up in my thoughts.

"Huh, uh, yeah?" I blurted, startled as I looked up to see him standing right beside of my desk.

"Could you please take the papers from Susan and pass them back?"

I looked at the girl sitting in front of me with papers in her hands, and blushed furiously, embarrassed. "Oh yea sure, uh, sorry, I was just, you know, I-"

"That's okay," he interrupted me briskly. I gazed past him to see the cute guy grinning wildly. I snatched the papers from…Susan, and quickly passed them back.

Inwardly I groaned. The first day of school and I had already made a fool of myself. Marvelous. I let my dark-brown hair fall over my face as I began filling out the dumb information sheet that I had failed to pass back only moments before.

"Yay, we have the same lunch!" Maggie exclaimed eagerly when she saw me in line. I smiled, not saying anything.

"Hey Maggie!" a random blonde-headed guy passing by greeted her.

She waved at him and flashed him her sweet smile.

"So," I began as I scooped some green beans onto my tray, "does Danny have this lunch period too?"

Maggie pouted, shaking her head. "Sadly, no." She sighed dramatically. I gave her the most sympathetic look I could muster at the moment. I was still feeling slightly embarrassed by what had happened in U.S. History earlier that day. After telling Maggie about it she told me that "it'll be fine, everyone will forget about it by next week."

I trusted her judgment and proceeded on the rest of my day without worrying too much about it.

We sat down and discussed how our day had been going so far. I told her about the cute guy I had seen. She gushed and patted my shoulder. Then the bell rang and we left for fourth period, the last class of the day: chemistry.

To my relief, Maggie had chemistry with me. Immediately we sat beside each other. I saw the cute guy (I really need to learn his name!) and blushed when his gaze went over me. He didn't look at me any longer than a second though, which was perfectly fine with me.

I sighed and played around with my bracelet nervously.

Nudging Maggie, I whispered, "Mag, that's the cute guy I was telling you about!"

She took a quick peak at him then began gushing again. "Ohhh he is cute!" I nodded, feeling my cheeks burning.

The teacher cleared his throat and addressed the class to settle down. "Alright, I'm going to let you choose your seats for the semester. Whoever it is will be your partner for the rest of the semester…so choose wisely." He chuckled.

Immediately people began switching seats. When everybody seemed settled he proceeded with talking. "I'm Mr. Smith. We're going to have fun in chemistry this semester!" As he went on with talking I began doodling in my notebook.

"Alice Palmer," I heard a distant voice saying. It repeated, "Alice? Alice Palmer?"

I felt Maggie nudge me in the ribs and my head shot up. "Uh, yes? Uh, sorry, I was…"

"He's taking roll," Maggie whispered from the corner of her mouth.

"Here!" I shouted.

Mr. Smith raised a brow at me, nodded, and said a curt, "Thank you, Ms. Palmer."

I felt my face turning red as the class stared at me, most of them smirking. I noticed the cute guy shaking his head and grinning. Great, twice in one day! I mentally kicked myself.

Soon enough the class ended and Maggie was dragging me to her car. "Alice, what are we going to do with you? You're always so spacey!"

"I guess so…" I mumbled.

Maggie laughed. "You really should stop daydreaming so much. You miss things you know. Did you see the way Caleb was looking at you?"

"Who?" I asked, raising a brow.

"The cute guy…you know, the one you said was in your second period."

I nodded, my cheeks turning red for the third time that day. "Oh, right…"

"Haha, yeah. He looked at you like you were the funniest person in the world."

"Aren't I?" I said, laughing. Maggie winked at me as we got into her car.

"Yes, you are adorable funny!" She laughed.

I stared out the passenger side window as she drove out of the school parking lot.

I reviewed the days events-and embarrassments-in my head, mentally making a list of what I could improve one. Hopefully tomorrow would be less humiliating for me!

Maggie dropped me off at my house, and as I got ready to get out she asked, "Do you want to do something tonight?"

Shrugging, I answered, "Well, I'm not sure. It depends what I have to do…"

Rolling her eyes, she said, "What could you possibly have to do on a school day? It's the first day of school!"

Shrugging for a second time, I said, "Well, you know how my parents are…"

She sighed in exasperation. "Yeah, I know! But one day they're going to have to realize that you're all grown up and you can make your own choices."

"Yeah, I guess so…" I muttered, just loud enough for her to hear.

With another roll of her eyes, she said, "Well see if you can or not and call me about it!" Nodding, I gazed at the back of her car as she sped off into the distance.

Sighing, I walked slowly to the front door, dug the house key out of the side pocket of my bag, and let myself into the house. There was nobody home, as usualy. Both of my parents were still at work. My little sister Ariel would be getting home from school soon as well.

Suddenly, I felt a great sadness came over me. The absence of my older brother Jason was overwhelming. It was his first year away at college, and I wasn't used to him being gone. I wished that he were still here, but…wishing wouldn't change anything.

Trudging up the stairs to my room, I turned on my computer and checked my email. Nothing interesting. Downstairs, I heard the opening and shutting of the front door and then Ariel shouting, "Alice, Alice! Are you home yet?!"

I rubbed my eyes tiredly and yelled back, "Yeah, I'm in my room!"

Immediately her head poked into my bedroom door. "There you are! Guess what, Alice?"


And I listened to her as she poured out the story of how her first day of sixth grade had been. Although after five minutes my mind started wandering, which made me feel guilty when she started calling my name. "Alice you weren't listening to me…"

The dejected look on her face broke my heart momentarily. I didn't want her ending up the way I did, shy and with no friends. "Oh Ariel, I'm so sorry…I've just been really, uh, occupied today…" She stared at me a while longer, pouted, and then skipped out of my room.

Falling back onto my bed, I closed my eyes and thought, Why is my life so unexciting? If only something mind-blowing would happen.

Digging my I-pod out of my bag, I put the earpieces into my ears and listened to music to calm my nerves. "One day I'll find a cute guy that I'll fall head over heels in love with, Maggie. Don't you worry…"

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