Little Mary Marionette
Lived a lie she would never forget
Very small, but posed a threat
Always more than meets the eye

Happy Mary, quite contrary
Life with him was very scary
Hands so hard and face so hairy
Hard to live life with this guy

Tiny Mary, with a smile
Lived a life so very vile
Hid the bruises for a while
But now the time for change was nigh

Little Mary Marionette
Living a lie made her very upset
Her face would grin but her eyes were wet
But never, ever would she cry

Wary Mary, so unloved
Held a knife with fingers gloved
In his side the knife she shoved
But she'd never, ever let him die

Mary Mary, Little Liar,
Threw herself into the fire
Burning with her heart's desire
Thickened smoke filled up the sky

Little Mary Marionette
Now a blackened silhouette
Filled with anger and regret
Killer, Killer, say goodbye…