"What do you know about me?" she asked at lunch.

the first boy replied,

"You like trigonometry but not geometry."

the second boy replied,

"You never eat lunch. And you hate having your hair in your eyes."

the girl next to her replied,

"You used to have a crush on Orlando Bloom. And you hate reading."

the girl next to her thought to herself,

i know you draw with your left hand even though you're not lefthanded. i know you can only wink with your right eye. i know you secretly love classic russian novels, but you don't want to admit it. i know that your mother hit you when you were little, and i know that you're beautiful when you cry. i know that you loved it when i kissed your fingers and whispered in your ear. i know that butterfly kisses nearly brought you to tears. i know that you loved horror movies because it was a reason to get close to me, not that you needed one. i know that i loved you, and maybe i still do. and i know that you loved me, and maybe you still do.

but she just says,

"Oh, I don't know. Nothing, I guess.