Full Summary: [SLASH] I wasn't really noticed by my peers. I was just that art kid who hung out with the fags. Until Rian, a total ladies man, came up to me, kissed me, and asked me to be his pretend boyfriend to get all those girls off his back. He even offered to pay me. But, hey, people already think I'm gay for hanging out with gay kids, so what have I got to lose?

Author's Note: This chapter is a bit boring. It just explains Avery's friends and stuff, so don't expect too much from this chapter! Oh, and I haven't beta'd this, because I am really eager to put my first story on Fictionpress up C: So expect mistakes!

Chapter One: I'm Not Gay

I'm not gay.

No really. I'm not. I mean, just because all my friends happen to be gay (and one lesbian) doesn't make me gay too. I like girls. I mean, I don't like most of the girls at this school since they're all just complete stuck up bitches. But really, I'm straight. I just haven't found "the one" yet. Just because I haven't dated anyone doesn't make me gay either. I'd rather date someone I actually like then date some random chick I'll just break up with in the next few days.

Either that or I'm asexual. But I'm defiantly not gay. Nope. Nuh uh. Not in a million years.

"Avery, get your ass over here!"

I turn my head to see who called my name. And I smile when I see my friends waving at me sitting in our usual table. I walk over to them and sat down on one of the seats. I shivered after setting my tray down. My ass is cold.

"Aww, is our widdle Avewy cowld? You know, they say if you strip your clothes off and hug each other you get warm," Kyle smirked. I rolled my eyes. Pervert.

"I'm cold, but I'm not so desperate for heat that I'll get naked and hug you. You'd probably get a boner, and I don't want your penis rubbing against my own like that. Talk about sick," I said.

"Kyle," Cole gasped. "Are you cheating? Why aren't you hitting on your boyfriend?"

Kyle glared daggers at Cole, while his boyfriend Blake blushed.

"You guys, please don't fight!" Blake protested.

"It's okay Blake, I'll handle this," Kyle gritted his teeth. I sighed, tired of Kyle and Cole's stupid fight. It was always like this. Blake and Cole are best friends. Cole has the most obvious crush on him that everyone from fucking Japan could see it. Everyone, except for Blake that is. I love Blake, but sometimes I just want to strangle him.

Cole and Kyle are friends, or they were anyway, until Kyle started dating Blake. Then there's just been this hatred between the two, and it's driving me nuts. I just want everyone to be friends again. I don't even know what they see in Blake. Blake is cool and all, but he's just too girly for me. He's got an extremely skinny figure that makes him seem like a chest less girl. He also has tons of problems. Like at home. Something about his mom dying and dad all mad about his sexuality? I don't know. But I know I wouldn't be able to handle all that drama. I suck at comfort. But, hey, I guess everyone likes that whole "Be my knight in shining armor!" kind of thing. Everyone except me, that is. He's just not my type.

Not that I'm gay or anything.

"I'll trade you my chocolate covered pretzels for your yogurt," Juliette said to me. I gulped. Chocolate covered pretzels or my strawberry yogurt? I love both! How can I choose just one? I guess I'll go for the chocolate covered pretzels. I need to gain some weight anyway; I'm starting to look like Blake.

"Okay," I said to her. She laughed and took a bite out of the pretzel.

"Ha, no way would I trade these for yogurt! I just wanted to see what you would choose," she said, looking devious. I glared at her for being such a tease.

Juliette is the token girl in our small group of friends. I don't normally like the girls at this school, but Juliette's the exception. She's actually not a stuck up bitch like all the others and she actually likes guy stuff. Seriously! Like video games, ding dong ditching houses, pulling pranks on her evil older sister, laughing at potty humor, and talking about girls. Yup. She's a lesbian. Just another gay kid in our group of friends. They're not called fags for nothing. So instead of Juliette having a Romeo she gets. . Rosaline? I don't know.

I do feel a bit sorry for her though. There are other lesbians in this school, but they're way too weird for her. It's sad really. I'm a bit relieved though, we're the unloved people in our group, so I don't have to face not having a love life all by myself. I swear Juliette would be perfect for me if she wasn't lesbian and I didn't think that she was too much like a sister to me.

She even asked me if I liked her one time, and she got so mad at me when I burst out laughing. Trust me, I like girls and stuff but. . Just imagining making out with Juliette and holding hands with her is just weird. It's almost like incest.

I shivered. Partly because this thought grossed me out, but mostly because I was cold. I have no clue why I sit out here everyday.

Then I looked around at my friends and remembered why I take the risk of having frostbite everyday. For these guys.

I sigh. The things I do for these people I call my best friends.

All of a sudden I feel warm arms hugging me from behind.

"Please play along. . ." a voice I didn't recognize whispered into my ear. I turned around to look at the mystery person, about to ask what in the hell they were talking about, but before I could get the words out, the person kissed me!

My eyes widened in shock.

Rian Walker, a complete ladies man who hung out with the in crowd and never even glanced in my direction, was kissing me!

And behind him, I saw hordes of his fangirls looking pissed.

Ah, shit.