We are unique;
we are cold,
but at least we are unique.

None of us look exactly the same
and none of us think we came from the exact same point in the Sky,
but we understand that we are all snowflakes.

Some of us are colder and far more frozen,
and others shimmer wonderfully in the light of our own reflections.
Some of us twist sharply into any snowflakes surrounding us,
while others gently twirl on the tender breath of our Mother.

But all the while,
As we drift alongside each other, so different,
we pay no mind to our eventual landing.

When you do think about it though,
you will realize that our uniqueness only brings us into the Earth.
You will realize that our true purpose in life is not for ourselves.

We are to be the tall snowmen our children lovingly frolic around,
to be the snow fort that shields them when they receive fire,
to be the endless tracks that they follow and ponder over,
to be the gentle slope that they glide down
and to be the soft landing when they suddenly soar.

In the end, it is not what angels our children may leave in us,
but what uniqueness and love we can nip their noses with.