And When It Rains You'll Think

A lot can happen in fifty years
Pyramids, temples, exoduses

I met a girl in 1920
She was so quiet
To the point of having one-way
Conversation with my collar
The way I did it up so smartly
Tied my heart in knots
Didn't know what to say next
Till I found out she couldn't speak
From physical duress

In the '30s
I was in the papers
Smacking screamers out of left field
Young women aching to jump my bones
In a polite way, of course
Only one kept herself in the twenty-third row
Every day, smiling, no matter the weather

By '47
I was between wars
A scar or two bound to my back
Saw what few want to see
But still kept a picture of a girl back home
To remind me who I am

Then the next decade barrelled in
My girl died and I attended her funeral
There was a rainstorm and an umbrella
And the second wasn't mine
I touched her grave every day
I thought it was warm, that's what I told myself
That's what I knew and she was true

Everything, everything in fifty years
And though I'm not old enough
I know in five decades from now
When the rain falls into the sea
I'll still feel the same as I did
When I felt the first, equal drop