Kill The World

I see happy people
Who make me sick
Because I'm not

And the sad moments
In other people's lives
Fiction or not
Rend me worse
Pinpricks all around my stomach
Kinda the opposite of when
You're in love

Removing everyone else
Would lend a much needed quiet
No one else would feel that
I suffer

But it takes a certain skill to accomplish all that
Something in the mind that opens up
The way it did when I found out

Aside from that
One more thing slides into place
I need the invincible edge
Which you so graciously gave me

The first was when you told me how you

And the second was when you said
You'll be better in time

Seconds passed
And boy, were you ever right
Every body I add to the pile
Gets me that much better
'Cause when there's no one left
I'm better than everyone
And time won't mean anything

So you'll achieve all three of your desires
You'll have what you want, in truth
I'll feel "better"
And I'll get to spend eternity with the only thought left in my mind