Sight Of Endless Heaven

What's the happiest moment in your life, you asked
Smiling, I looked down to the ground, humbled
Fumbling with words, which is unlike me

The two of us, not talking for a time
When we're normally blah blah blah
Even though you had your armour on
And it was thoroughly convincing
But I know I was inside, under your skin, like you said
I could see it in your eyes, when you dared look into mine
The feeling was too strong, even then

Your defense was commendable
I went along because I've hurt you enough
But can feel for you more, in the torture we've chosen
The constant static in my head, reverberating
Your name and mine, cyclonic, calm, ongoing
Blood mirrors love, dear heart, and ours flows constant

There is an epitome in us, a character of knowing
That if anyone tried to understand
They would wrack their minds in the same way we do
Every time our chest calls out to the other
The valence song to which we've burned the chorus
Home beneath the surface of each rib
Sanctity in the embrace, reunion of night and name
Souls fusing back where they belong

We see each other every day
In the littlest items, moments, minuets
Breakfast in the morning, slow walks by eve
In the shadow of tall trees, fencing us as one

The laughter that I missed returned
The anger that I found rebounded around me
Sweet smile to chase it all away

What is the happiest moment
It's the birth of my daughter

But you don't have one, silly

Your face
And I do, both happy and true
For when she's born
She'll have your starlined eyes