Absinthe Minded

I went down to the park
The swing set
Saw you sitting there
On the rubber
Old rain slinking off the elm nearby
Sat down beside you

It's not fair, y'know, you say finally
I know

Two words that mean
What people say
When they mean to say more
End up gazing at the floor

You kick the dirt
Bite your lip, frown with those eyes
Fold your arms around the chains into your lap
Chase a small path back and forth

I try a smile that fades brief and look
Start a swinging arc, too
Imperceptible from far away
Too much silence so close

We're in a playground
Supposed to be happy
But it's for kids
And as adults, we hood ourselves
With sand below
Billion grains, each for a moment
Of life, captured in crystal
A burning album that only seems to live

There is a tree close
One that was born in green
Came to life in blue
Stands before us now
Collected rain
Shield from the drops we've had
The outside world so different
From what we've known in symbol

There is a word for what is between us
But it is damp in silence
And in the shield of rain