walking down the sidewalks,

and you reach my hand into yours,

i'm confused,

why would you wanna do that?


but our hands fit perfectly,

our hands fit wonderfully,

and it doesn't feel awkward,

it feels nice,


the winter air is causing you to be closer,

and there's nothing left unsaid,

i love how you're upfront,

and i can feel like myself still,


you don't care if you're seen with me,

and you re-adjust our hands if they slip,

i can't stop smiling,

your arm comes around my body,


you try to warm me up,

and your hand is still in mine,

how can i concentrate on a movie,

if all i can think about is your touch?


your hands move around my fingers,

and my heart stops everytime,

my stomach does flips,

something that doesn't happen often,


i place my head on your arm,

i hope you don't mind,

you make me comfortable with everything about me,

and your hand softly rests on my hip,


my heart races,

and your smell is stuck in my breaths,

i can't get enough of you,

you're just so perfect,


i can't believe you're all mine,

and i'm ready for us to call each other "baby",

everything's so surreal,

tell me it's real,


tell me it's real.