The light filtering in from the yellowing blinds were receding fast. The few sunbursts that had made a job of warming my skin in this cold place were receding with them. I had stopped resisting against the binds around my hands and ankles. But the skin around them were raw and chapped from the previous struggles. A blindfold around my head may have prevented me from seeing but I did hear random shuffling and at times a grunt. Before now fear had suppressed my voice. Now I felt brave,or maybe it was impatience,either way,the next sound to pierce the silence was my own voice.

"It was you,wasn't it? Whoever you are. It was you that killed her."

I felt my blindfold being ripped off violently. I fought hard to repress a scream and,at the same time a gag. There,on the mattress across the room lay my best friend, and my partner in the law, Sarah Oakword. Or,at least i think it was. Her skin was mottled and stained a reddish brown. You could hardly tell that she once had pale and lovely skin that was coveted by most of the girls that went to our high school. Her hair was matted and grubby to a point to where you would think she was a brunette,when in truth she had pale blond hair. The worst was her eyes. They were bugged and glazed over. The once sapphire irises so full of promise and hope,were dull and,well,lifeless.

I could feel the hot breath of the person on my neck. He was close,enough to where I could feel him grinning.

"Why,yes,as a matter of fact,I did kill her. And I had a hell of a time doing it. She mentioned you a lot. Kept going on and on about how you would come for her. How she would solve the case in time to stop me. Boy, even thee of full faith are wrong,eh? I killed her before you even realized she went missing. I'm sure she'll be happy to see in...well personally I think your both going to hell but hey I've been wrong before."

"You lousy sonovabitch."

"Humph,you should have heard what she called me." He went around to the other side of the room and sat on the mattress where my friend was. In an instant I knew who it was. He was my main suspect. My only suspect.

"And now your going to kill me."

He chuckled at that.

"Silly girl, of course not,well not right now at least. Do know that if you annoy me,I won't hesitate to blow your fucking brains out."

"Then why are you keeping me here? Is it that you want to be caught?"

"Now your delirious,I may be a sick man,but I'm not a stupid one. I'm keeping you here because ,as I said before, am a sick man. As you can see,I like to see people suffer. A textbook example of a sadist you see. Now I've thought, 'How can I make you suffer the most with out getting my hands terribly dirty...again?' Well you see,I have an exact idea of how to do just that. You see,when I picked up Miss Sarah, she mentioned,rather fatally, that she was a cop and people were sure to notice. That ruffled my feathers a bit. I had to kill her fast. I brought her back here and threw her on this very bed. Then came the pleading for mercy,then the i hate you,then my friends will come to get me,you know the standard stages of about to be murdered. That bloody bitch ,and yes i do mean bloody,would not shut the fuck up. I will have you know,though, I was a perfect gentleman,except for the part where,you get the idea at this point. Anyway,it wasn't enough to simply slit her throat,letting the sweet thick crimson,that was her blood spill all over this..."

He stops mid-sentence and takes a moment to inspect his glove.

"IS THAT A STAIN?! Are you bloody kidding me??"

I rolled my eyes and suggested,"Just use bleach."

"But it's a black glove!! It'll spot. Oh enough of this tomfoolery" He throws his gloves off revealing a pair of white gloves underneath.

"What was I saying? Ah,yes the mattress. That was just not classy enough for me,so I gutted her,I stuffed her with feathers and sewed her back but,a life-sized rag doll if you will. It's too bad that Mum didn't buy the deluxe package,you know the one with a comb,a change of clothes and a plastic convertible."

"Stop it!" This was making me sick to my stomach.

"Why?" he asked,drawing out the word, "Is it making you suffer? Does it make you cringe? Does it make you want to scream and escape? Oh this is just Delightful. Well then,let me tell you, just as the life was falling from her self her last mutterings were your name! Yours! The very bleedin' woman that sent her to her fate!"

"That's not true!"

"Not true! Is that what you said?! Let's paint a pretty picture shall we? A moderately attractive cop and her Superior looking partner are working late,the bloody cow sends her friend to get her some food! When just that day she told her friend that she found out she had a stalker! You have got the BALLS to tell me it's not your fault! No offense my dear but you must be blooming retarded!"

"Thank you for the guilt trip. If your going to kill me do it now. I feel like shit,My hands are dead and I've had to pee for who knows how long so can we please get this over with?!"

"Oh well someone is impatient. Fine then,for the final curtain call." he trails off as he pulls a gun out of his jacket and puts his mouth around it. He waves at me then-


His blood and some brain tissue lands on my face. I am left dumbstruck. then realization hits me,and despite myself I exclaim,

"He left me tie to the fucking chair!"