This was written back in early 2008, and it's been one of my favorites ever since. I think it's a LOT better sung than read, but I love the lyrics either way, so I figured I'd take a bit of a chance and put them up.

After I finished typing this, "hey" stopped looking like a real word xD.


You don't give a damn about anything

It just takes away from living

And leaves the well dry

And I don't ever stop caring about everything

But when it all starts losing meaning

I want to give it a try

I'm dissolving slowly; you destroy me


I took you like a medicine

But the pill is a poison

That just takes its time

Feels like I'm learning your lesson

If you make a mess, then

You start losing your mind

It's becoming so clear that I don't belong here 'cause


(Hey, hey) I'm like a time bomb and it's ticking me off

(Hey) You're such a rebel, but your touch is so soft

(Hey) I don't deserve you

You should run away 'cause

(Hey, hey) Your bitch is amazing

(Hey, hey) Your bitch is amazing


You fell into their lap

And you're filling in all the gaps

Take a little each day

I'd love to fall for their trap

But I can't accept that

Think what my mother would say

I'll admit it, you've lost all interest, 'cause


(Hey, hey) You've seen the others, and I can't compare

(Hey) You've got new sisters, they're so easy to bear

(Hey) I'm such a loser

This just isn't fair 'cause

(Hey, hey) your bitch is amazing

(Hey, hey) your bitch is amazing


You're a pistol

Someone needs to calm you down

Let her sit there; she's not making a sound

I'd love to confront you, but she's always around

But they're always around

They're always around


(Hey, hey) You're such a godsend, and I don't think you know

(Hey) I'm not as important, and it's starting to show

(Hey) Now you're a legend, but I can't complain 'cause

(Hey, hey) Your bitch is amazing


(Hey, hey) Remember what happened?

'Cause I really don't

(Hey) I'd dare you to like me, but I know that you won't

(Hey) I think that I love you, but I have to say that

(Hey, hey) Your bitch is amazing

(Hey, hey) Your bitch is amazing

(Hey, hey) Your bitch is amazing

(Hey, hey) Your bitch is amazing