this spectrum here is wrong
tilting backwards and I can't find anywhere else
tell me stories, grandpa is missing in the woods
tell me lullaby, where mama went away red heels clicking
daddy sobs by the dust in the fireplace
pictures left peeling in heat
grandma says goodnight and turns off the light
black turns white, I hate the night-light's glow
pale green eyes watching me from under the bed
in the closet my best friend cries
if there's a ghost its smiling sweetly
white gleam of teeth- please hold me tight
ice blows through the window and I'm too warm
if I swim I'll fall but if I walk I'll fly
tell me stories, bears and black beasts with best intentions
tell me lullaby, I don't want to leave this paradise
where grandpa didn't teach me how to hunt the bad boys
where mama never came to fetch me, red nails ready to scratch
where daddy never came to drown me in his salty tears
where grandma didn't teach me to set fire to the houses with no people

the spectrum is wrong
and I'm so right-side-up
I can see the ceiling so I close my eyes
this is a good dream in disguise
if the dragon comes to eat me I'll be isolated from the pain
if the demon comes to love me I'll be saved from all my shame

just because you don't love the cold,
the lonely feelings echoing in your soul
(don't devour the unwanting, devour me instead)
doesn't mean I can't-
and I'll never let your nightmare go, its where I want to be