Max's Global Warming Quest

By Underwaterwriter

Note: I'm reformatting this story. Giving 'em chapters proper titles, maybe tweak it some more. Enjoy and please review!


Far, far away from the sun lived a planet that was very cold. The only way the people living there could keep warm was to cover themselves in thick coats and blankets to preserve body heat, but some were still very cold. They would always stare at the sky in hopes that heat would just one day come and warm the planet.

One day, a young man named Herald wondered if it was ever possible for his planet to receive heat. After many weeks of wondering what to do, Herald decided on one thing: get his faraway friend from Mercury to bring him an extra large crate of burning hot coals from the sun. Within a week's wait, a gigantic crate of coals from the sun arrived, along with a pair of tongs and a piece of paper. Excited, Herald picked it up and read aloud.

"Find a secluded spot to dig a hole in. Then, using the tongs, take one piece of coal and throw it into the hole. The next morning, come back to the hole and take out another piece of coal to throw into the fire. Once piece is good enough to give heat for one entire day. Put in two pieces at the most, if necessary. Never dump the entire crate. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."

Herald put the paper in his pocket and began to follow the instructions. Soon, the once cold planet became a beautiful tropical paradise. People really enjoyed having the heat around.. Some people even said that they were developing browness on their skin and that made them look good.

When Herald grew older, he allowed his oldest daughter, Candi, to take over. Candi continued to do the job until one day, she had a sudden idea. What if I just dump the entire crate over to give us heat forever? Candi thought to herself. Then no one would have to travel all the way back here to dump a coal into a hole ever again!

With that, Candi used all her strength to tip the crate over. All the coals spilled out into the hole. Perfect, Candi thought as she left. One less chore to do.

Little did Candi know, the heat of all the coals put together were so hot they started to burst into flames. The flames were beginning to spread all over the planet rapidly. At first, nobody really noticed; they were just having too much fun in the heat. Then some people started to complain that the temperature was driving them crazy. They tried to find cover by relaxing in the shade until the heat was just unbearable.

Soon the inhabitants began to disappear, one by one, until the blazing planet was deserted. The poor planet soon exploded, and the hot debris landed onto the neighbouring planet, which eventually blazed up, too and so on…