Max was glad to have a break from being around Flee. Sometimes, his friend just drove him crazy. He was walking down a hill with many flowers, mushrooms, and trees. It seemed all very pleasant for him to look at. He was so caught up in what was around him that he didn't even notice the mushroom that was in front of him-until he tripped on it and began to slide down the hill.

Max tried calling for help-but the only individual that could hear him was Flee. But no matter how hard Flee tried to help him, he was too small to help. Flee tried to call on other aliens living on the planet to help him, but they did not understand a word he was saying. Even when Flee tried to speak all the languages he knew, the aliens still did not know what he meant. So Flee took off after Max, only to find out that Max was about to slide into a pit of bright orange lava!

Now Max was really nervous. He could not stop himself from falling. Everything he tried to grab onto simply broke off and slid down with him. He was so busy worrying about how to stop that he did not know where he was about to fall into-that was, until Flee told him.

"OH NO!" Max yelled, totally frightened by the thought. "How can this happen? I haven't even begun to think of an action plan yet!"

"Calm down," Flee said calmly. "There must be something that we can do."

"OH, YEAH??" Max demanded. "And how is that supposed to be?" Flee was thinking as Max was panicking.

"Umm…Flee," Max began to say. But it was too late. Max slipped off the cliff and into the pit of lava. When Flee realized this and tried to stop him by grabbing onto one of Max's hairs, it broke right off, and Max fell into the pit of hot lava with a SPLOOSH.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!" Flee cried. "MAXX!!!"


There was an unsteady tension in the air. All of a sudden the lava was suddenly turning blue. Flee soon realized that the lava was turning into ice! All the hot coals and fires burned out as well. Aliens and people alike were looking all around at each other, wondering if this was really the end of all that terrible heat. In fact, they were right. Max had accomplished his goals and stopped global warming. He also began the reverse, a new problem that would affect the earth's atmosphere, called global freezing…