I leaned over the side of the chair, watching as she lay on the floor, her eyes closed. "Hann, you asleep?"

"Mmmm…" She mumbled something, then opened one eye sleepily. She smiled. "Talk to me."

"About what?"

She rolled over onto her side. "Mmm…I dunno." She stretched lazily, then closed her eyes again, appearing to drift off. "About anything."

"Hannah, if I talk to you now, you're not going to remember the conversation in the morning. You're half asleep."

She stretched again, her voice muffled by sleep. "Tell me something you wouldn't normally tell me…"

"If you were awake," I finished absently.


I watched as her leg stopped moving, signaling that she had drifted into a sound sleep. I watched her for a few minutes, whispering into the shadows. "If you were awake, I would tell you that since you've come into my life, you have become my world. I would tell you that I would take care of you and that you would never want for anything, because I would provide it for you. I would protect you from harm…" I trailed off, squinting in the dim light. She was still asleep. Good. I took a deep breath, finishing what was in my heart. "And love you for the rest of my life." I smiled gently as I kneeled down next to her, whispering in her ear. "I love you Hannah; I would do anything for you." I started as I felt her move.

"Hey Leslie." She looked at me, then sat up, rubbing her eyes sleepily. She stretched, yawning. "How long was I asleep for?"

"Um…not long. A few minutes, I think."

"Oh." She groaned, getting to her feet. "Alrighty, I think it's time for bed." She jammed her hands in her pockets, headed upstairs. She smiled, nodding at me. "Well, good night then. Sleep well."

"You too." I watched her walk upstairs, mouthing my next words silently so she couldn't hear me. "Good night sweet girl." I smiled as I turned off the lights, heading upstairs to my own room. "I'll love you forever."