Title: Operation Don't Fall for My Best Friend

Rating: T

Summary: Mikaela Tait, recently dumped by boyfriend of 9 months needs a new boyfriend to make him jealous. Best candidate-Best friend Jo Connor. Tall? Ticked.

Sweet? Ticked. Hot? Ticked. A Girl? Ticked. Wait, what? But Cupid shot her anyway. FF relationship.


A/N-So, this is the new story I was talking about. I've been working on it for…maybe a month or so. And I'm still trying to figure out whether it will be a light-hearted humour/romance story or whether things will run a little deeper and be a bit more serious.

Anyhow, please enjoy.






"…Jo, say something" I begged my friend whose grey eyes were tempted to roll skywards at me.

I knew the answer already.

"Not happening" she told me, shaking her head.

…Though that's never stopped me before.

"But why?" I put on my best puppy dog eyes and pouted, jutting out my bottom lip at the older girl.

"Why?" she repeated after me, raising a brow.

"Because the idea's ridiculous that's why" Jo Connor replied like it was common sense and explained it with the calmest voice that I wanted to smack her even if she was my best friend.

"But Jo!" Instead, I whined and pulled at her short jet black locks.

"Hey, watch the hair!" she swatted my hands away and ducked my left arm.

I looked at my hands that were smeared over with wax that Jo used and grimaced, wiping them on her checkered button-up shirt.

The 20 year old groaned at my actions and arrested my wrists, glaring at me halfheartedly.

"You're a pain in the ass, you know that?"

"You love it" I grinned,

"No, you love harassing me" Jo corrected, releasing me from her grip.

I was silent for a little while, ignoring the last comment.

"Jo," I gnawed at my bottom lip.


I hated that I sounded so weak and that my plan was most likely just as pathetic; I sighed, my hands falling back to my sides.

Jo Connor turned back to me, brows knitted together before a quite sigh escaped her lips.

"Come here" she murmured, opening her arms.

I obeyed and fell into her embrace, feeling her rub my back soothingly as I buried my face in her shoulder.

"…Am I being stupid?" I mumbled into her shirt

"When'd you want to introduce me to your friends?" she asked instead, arms loosening from my body.

Slowly, I pulled back with a small smile on my face, still a little surprised at how fast she changed her mind.

"Really?" I blinked up at her.

Because Jo Connor was just that damn tall.

"Well I gotta get myself some nice clothes and make a good impression, don't I?"

-2 Weeks Later-

I was a little panicky as the bell rang, signaling the end of school as everyone rushed out the gates. I carried myself at a much slower pace until my friends found me in the crowd and grinned at me. Talia nudged my side repeatedly, Jen waggled her eyebrows and Fiona was smiling until her face nearly split in half.

"So…where's your boyfriend?" they all chorused.

I tried not to groan at their enthusiasm of the situation and the only picture in my mind was that of Jo smirking, and her preparing for 'her time to shine'. But at the same time, I was anxious for everybody's reactions and curious as to what everybody would think now that I had a boyfriend again, technically I didn't, but people didn't need to know that.

Spotting the familiar tall figure by the gates, I inhaled sharply and began sauntering over to the front of the school. The closer I got, the more excited my friends were, barely containing their giggles and squeals. Jo Connor was leaned against the brick wall beside the gates, attracting attention as they eyed the fitting black jeans, neat dress shirt and slim tie on her lean body. The female population seemed to swoon at the sight of her grey eyes as they casually scanned the students.

She stepped off the wall when she spotted me, sporting a big smile on her face.

"Hey" Jo leaned down to kiss me on the cheek.

"Hey baby" I smiled back.

She then turned to my friends and introduced herself politely before taking my bag; throwing it over her own shoulder.

My friends gave her a point for the cute greeting; another for introducing herself like all boyfriends should and double points for carrying my bag for me. I could tell they all approved of her as they included her in our conversation, walking to the next street where Jo was parked.

"Hop in, I'll give you girls a ride home" she offered, opening the door for me as she smiled at my friends.

"Oh no, it's alright-"

"Don't worry, I've got spare time on my hands. Just tell me the directions" Jo insisted.

I couldn't help the smile spreading on my face as curious students kept glancing our way and Jen gave me the thumbs up. I laughed, shaking my head as the three got into the back seat and we sped off.

After Talia hoped out of the car, I glanced at the empty back seats, waving to my friend before Jo pulled out of the driveway. There was a moment of silence where I tried to control my giggles and I could clearly see my best friend smirking that smirk of hers.

"…So, rate me!" she turned to me expectantly.

We eyed each other before bursting out in laughter, watching her almost slam her head on the steering wheel.

"They really thought you were the perfect boyfriend" I nodded,

"I was that great huh?" Jo chuckled.

"Thanks Jo, I owe you"

"Damn right you owe me. It's not easy running round claiming to be your new boyfriend, picking you up from school and dressing up so that eventually the bastard will notice" my friend said, gesturing to her attire that she had chosen for today.

"I know, I know, thank you so much Jo" I latched onto her left arm whilst she was still driving, making the car swerve to the side also.

"Hey, I don't want to make my first and last ever headline on the news, I'm only 20!" Jo tried to shake me off as I continued laughing at her antics.

When we calmed down, I stared at my best friend's messy hair, jet black and smooth with a patch of random red on the left. It suited her and in all honesty, looked really good on her but…

"…You need a haircut" I finally said.

Jo Connor turned to me, looking horrified as she braked at the red lights.

"Haircut? What do you mean haircut?"


That's my best friend of 3 years-Jo Connor, 20, and working to become a photographer. She's easily a head taller than me with a lean body, a piercing on her left eyebrow and skin nicely tanned. She's definitely got the looks with her messy black hair and grey eyes that were quite entrancing at times. She's the only friend that my school mates have never seen and have no clue about, so naturally I used it to my advantage.

I asked Jo Connor to be my boyfriend.

Technically speaking, I asked her to pretend to be my boyfriend.

…Yep, that's my brilliant plan.


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