_ChapterO6 ... A/N-*Clears throat* I am so sorry I've been missing for...forever, I got kinda lazy and then forgot about this and then went through my stories and remembered this was still on-going. I promise I'll finish ODFFYBF though! ... `Normal POV_ Mikaela frowned in confusion before pulling the older girl away from the bar to a much more quieter corner. "What are you doing here?" "I-" "You're supposed to be at home doing your project!" the brunette cut her friend off. "I finished it and had my friend hand it in early for me so I could be here." "…Are you still upset at me?" she pouted at Mikaela, The pretty girl bit at her bottom lip and blinked a couple of times, "I don't know, god, I was so angry at you for ditching me for so long but now you're here and-" Jo Connor cut her off by pulling her curvy body into her own, embracing her tightly, unconsciously burying her nose into the girl's hair. "I'm sorry; I promise I won't ever do it again." She murmured determinedly. "Please don't be angry at me…" The older of the two felt Mikaela exhale onto her shoulder before hooking her arms around her neck affectionately. "I hate you." Mikaela breathed out, hating the way she seemingly forgave Jo Connor in a flash and clung to her. But it felt so good to have her best friend back, to be able to speak to her even if she was egotistic but charming in her own stupid way. She then pushed the photographer back lightly and pointed an accusing finger up at her face, still smiling. "You're lucky you're looking hot tonight or I would have ignored your apology and broke up with you." "You need me babe, you won't be breaking up with me anytime soon." "And I'm always hot." Jo added as an afterthought, the grin on her lips growing. "You've got the whole nerd thing going down, it's sexy. I might treat you to a dance when we get to the club." The senior ran a finger down her friend's neck flirtingly before strutting back to her table of friends who were all smiles. Jo Connor felt a slight shiver run down her spine before she chased after her, wrapping an arm around her waist with a small pout. "Just one dance?" she joked. "Thank god you came Jo, she was moping around all night." Jen teased her friend while sipping at Talia's drink that was already half empty. "Was not!" came Mikaela's indignant reply. Jo Connor simply smirked and kissed her best friend's temple. Fiona checked her phone and looked up at her friends with a hopeful expression, "Clubs?" "Hell yeah!" Talia cheered, bouncing up from her seat, forgetting to collect her clutch which Jen picked up with a roll of the eyes. The others followed with light chuckles and exited the rowdy bar, flagging down two taxis to get them on their way to a night of drinking and dancing. The five stepped foot into the club and immediately headed for the crowded bar, "First round's on me!" Jo exclaimed, an arm wrapped around her best friend's shoulder protectively. "Let's get drunk!" Talia shouted, "You won't have any money left by the end of the night." Mikaela shook her head. Jo Connor merely shrugged but felt the smile on her face all but disappear when she spotted Scott Taylor on the other side of the bar, glaring straight at her. "Your ex boy-toy is here." She told the slightly shorter girl with obvious distaste. "Scott? Scott's here?" And Jo hated the way Mikaela seemingly perked up at the name, automatically standing straighter. The 20 year old simply stood there, the arm around the brunette not as tight around her as before and kept her gaze on the empty bottle behind the bar. "Jo," the girl tugged at her dress shirt lightly until Jo turned her attention to her. "Kiss me." She commanded, breath brushing against her ear. The taller of the two swallowed whatever she was going to say and pressed her lips against her best friend's gently before pulling back. But Mikaela stopped her from retreating too far by hooking her arms around her neck, shaking her head gently. "Do it like you mean it Jo, please?" Her grey eyes flitted down, her stance hesitant which the senior picked up on and frowned at. But she ignored the feeling and leaned up to the older girl instead, their lips almost touching when Fiona disrupted them (much to Jo's relief). "Jo, pay up! I ordered four tequila shots and a corona." For once, the raven haired girl was more than glad to relieve herself from Mikaela Tait's arms. She slipped some money over the counter and left the change, clinking glasses with the others before taking a very long swig from her beer. As she chugged down the liquid she took note of how Mikaela seemed to be attached to her side, leaning against the body more than usual. It bothered her that it was all for Scott Taylor. But she pushed all those thoughts down and put a grin on her face, adjusting the glasses on her nose. "You owe me a dance babe." She told Mikaela, making sure Scott saw the way she took the brunette into her arms. "I do." The younger girl smirked, ignoring the way her friends all feigned throwing up beside them. She pulled Jo towards the dance floor, already swaying her hips the way she did, biting at her bottom lip. "Ready for the dance of your life?" she husked, "Lay it on me" the uni student challenged, smiling crookedly. . Scott Taylor watched Mikaela and Jo Connor on the dance floor, moving to the music. He scoffed at the sight and turned to the red head he was picking up. "Wanna dance?" The girl nodded and dragged him to the dance floor, coincidentally nearby Jo and Mikaela. The aforementioned two were doing some serious grinding, with Mikaela moving against Jo's front, her fingers tangled in those messy locks. The boy simply pulled the girl closer into his fit body and ran his nose down her neck, breathing on her skin. Jo, in return felt the way her best friend's body tensed slightly and decided to one up him. She didn't need to ask Mikaela if what she was about to do was ok, she knew it would be fine. So she ran her hand up the girl's leg and up her thigh, under her short skirt, keeping it by the edge of her panties. It was daring but skin contact and touching was nothing new to either of them. She felt the hand at the back of her neck pull her down until her lips met those of the brunette's. It wasn't a chaste kiss. … Jo continued raining kisses down her neck, nipping at her throat and then moving down to her breasts that were still encased in a black lacey bra. She made quick work of undoing the garment and throwing it across the room, biting at the already hardened peak with no mercy. "Oh! God, Jo…" And without warning, she pulled her panties down and plunged three fingers into her more than ready sex, thrusting continuously, working her muscles harder than before. The photographer hid her face in the girl's shoulder and continued moving, sweat dripping down the side of her face and off her chin. "Yes, oh, right there! Oh god, I'm gonna come!" Lisa arched and felt herself clench around Jo's finger as her orgasm crashed down on her. The comfortable weight of Jo Connor rested on top of her for merely a moment before she felt those lips move further down her navel and giggled into the otherwise quiet room. "Again baby?" she murmured, running her fingers up and down Jo Connor's toned back, raking her nails over the skin. "Scream my name." was the husky reply. Not even a minute later the phone sitting on the bedside lit up and began ringing. Lisa bit at her lips, unwilling to remove her hands from her lover's sweaty tangled mess of hair and Jo ignored the call, knowing exactly who it was. The ringing stopped and then started up a second later, making Lisa groan, reaching for the electronic device. But before she could get to the phone, her hand was arrested by none other than Jo, who simply shook her head. "Ignore it." She commanded. The pretty girl just smirked and pushed the 20 year old's head back to where it was before. The mobile stopped ringing. … "Gonna get another drink, you want one?" Jo raised a brow as she got off the couch and headed for the kitchen. "Nah, I'm good for now." Mikaela watched her best friend from the corner of her eyes and frowned when she was finally out of sight. Jo had been acting weird for the past month, ever since that night out at the club. Sure, they went back to their old routine of movies and coffee whenever they could, but that was exactly what it was-routine. The older girl was there in person, but her head was always somewhere else; the brunette had picked up on it. And she wasn't going to be quiet about it anymore. So when the twenty year old padded back into the room with a can of coke, she turned the tv off and patted the spot beside her. "What's wrong?" was the immediate question that fell from Jo's lips. "Nothing's wrong with me, but something's going on with you." She replied gently. "…What-" "Please don't Jo, don't lie to me." "Ok I'm sorry, it's just…I don't know how to say this…" Jo trailed off and forced herself to come up with something within the next five seconds or else she was royally screwed. "What is it Jo?" "I'm going out with Lisa." She blurted without any thought. Literally. Jo realized the words that had just come out of her mouth and wanted to fling herself onto the carpet and bash her head on the coffee table but refrained herself. 'I'm going out with Lisa? Really? I couldn't think of anything better?' Mikaela Tait looked shocked for a moment before blinking it away, "…You're going out with Lisa? As in officially? I thought you two were only bed buddies." "Well, we were but I don't know, I guess I fell for her…" Jo shrugged, wincing at how lame that sounded. "You guess?" "Uh, yeah. It's not like I'm in love with her or anything, I just have…feelings for her." Liar. "Uh huh, so I'm guessing my, well, our plan is gonna stop here?" the brunette asked, trying to hide the disappointment and slight discomfort sitting low in her stomach. "Oh, no, we can still continue with the plan, Lisa wouldn't mind." The pretty girl raised a perfect brow, "Is this the same Lisa we're talking about?" "Yeah, course. Don't worry about it. We're still getting the prick back for you." Jo Connor forced a smile on her face. "You're the bestest best friend anyone can ask for!" And Mikaela latched herself onto the taller girl, snuggling into her body comfortably before turning the television back on.

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