Danse On Wood

Chapter One

Driving in the car, staring out at the cold white chocolate sky. Paris knew England wasn't a holiday place. Compared to her tropical, hot warmth in California, this place was like an ice cube. The trees were a funny looking brown colour, looking lonely with no leaves to shelter them and the branches were dying for a little sun. She knew England weather was bad, she just didn't think it would look so empty. So boring. So silent. Looking up to the drivers seat she noticed her Dad looking as happy as a person would be who had of won the lottery. She knew the reason to why this was. And that was because he could finally get rid of his little girl. Ever since her parents had split up, her Dad and Mom would constantly argue over who should of taken care of her. In the end her Dad had custody, not because he wanted it, but because he saw her as an extra income.

Then when her last school had closed down from a fire, he didn't know where to educate her, that was until a friend of his told him about Tloww Academy. The school not only had good standards but it was also half way across the world. Which only made things better for him. Not taking no as an answer, he got her in, very quickly and then it was settled she would leave him for good to live there. Hearing the car parking up into the school lott, Paris tilted her head to the side, looking up at the royal building in front of her. It was like a film she had once watched on telly. It was old, you could tell by the bricks formed on the wall. But it also looked grand enough for her. The windows were long and wide, showing nothing but the reflection outside. It clicked in her head, it reminded her of the film harry potters Hogwarts.

Opening the door to the car, she felt the blue breeze hit her. It sent shivers down her body, making her feel alot more nervous about the school. Stepping aside to say goodbye to her Dad, she had a feeling he didn't give a damn about her living in the shimmering blizzard for the next 2 years. It was ok for him, he got to go back to a nice warm beach house, right next to the sea. While she had to get used to the cold winter, in England.

''I'm going to miss you kiddo,'' her dad said, smiling up at her topaz blue eyes, that matched his. She had a feeling he was lying about that statement.

''Sure you are Dad, lets hope you don't get lonely in that house all alone,'' she said. Knowing his next girlfriend would be meeting him shortly after he got back.

''Oh I won't get lonely, I promise you that,'' He laughed, knowing full well his self, that he wouldn't. ''I guess I won't see you now until your 18, when people welcome you to the real world.''

''I guess so. Well I better get going then, don't want to be late or anything,'' she answered, making her way to the front entrance. With that said, he drove off, no hug, no daughter or father bonding, just a little goodbye and that was it. Some kind of father he is. She thought gathering her bags to the reception part. Stepping inside she noticed how enchanted the place actually was. The furniture was all grand colours. There was a mixed of reds and browns in the sofas and chairs, and gold paintings standing out on the wall. It would of been comfortable if it wasn't for the old fashioned look it gave out. Walking on the hard wood floor, Paris noticed a women in her late 40's sitting at a desk.

''Are you new or something my sweetheart?'' The lady purred, her voice croaky.

''Yes actually I am, but I kind of don't know where to go or anything,'' Paris awkwardly said, looking up at the women who's eyes were as dark as the night compared to her blue ones.

''Then you have certainly come to the right person. If you can just give me your name, then I can type it up in this software and find out where your room is.''

''It's Paris, Paris Charlton,'' she proudly pronounced, loving the fact that her name was oddly different from allot of girls names. The lady typed away for a long period while she just stood there glancing at the women that was strangely different compared to most women you would normally see. Her hair was raven coloured and was at least down to her bum, obviously she liked long hair. Her nose was slightly pointy too like a witch. She was very beautiful, you could tell that by just looking at her that she must of been some glam model when she was young.

''Ah, here it is,'' she cheerfully chuckled. ''Room 109 darling, right up the second pair of stairs you go past,'' she said, pointing to the stairs just a few metres away from her. Saying a quick thank you, Paris gathered her stuff and slowly walked up the wood pattered stairs. Making her way through the first hall she noticed people staring at her like she was a freak show. Ignoring the odd stares she quickly passed up another bunch of stairs until she found her room. Checking it was her right room she opened it to find two beds in both different corners of the room. One was already jam packed with clothes on it. Unlike the other bed that was empty, and still freshly cleaned. That must be my bed she thought, throwing her suitcase down on the bed. Once she had unpacked, she decided to relax on her bed for a little while, that was until a cheery voice jumped out from the bathroom door.

''Oh my god!'' The girl exclaimed, jumping around like a mad hatter. ''It is so great to actually have a room mate, for 3 freaking years they leave that bed lonely and alone, but now, now it has you and I have you too, this is going to be so great,'' the girl screamed happily, skipping around the dorm room. Confused and a little worried at the girls actions, Paris just weakly smiled at her. ''Oh, I'm so rude, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Dakota,'' she brightly smiled.

''I'm Paris, it's nice to meet you,'' Paris said.

''And your American to, this just gets better and better, god had finally answered my prayers,'' Dakota muttered to herself. Then forcefully pulled Paris into a friendly hug. Pulling back after a long breathless minute, Paris went back to her bed. Looking at the bedroom that was different coloured compared to entrance she had only been in a hour ago.

''So I'm sorry about all this childish joy, it's just- its rare that you get people like me and you here,'' Dakota said, allot more calmly then she did before.

''People like me and you? What do you mean?'' Paris asked, confused at what she was going on about.

''Well didn't you notice them?''

''Notice what? I'm sorry, but I don't have a clue what your going on about,'' Paris told her, grabbing her book off the cupboard next to her bed.

''It doesn't matter, you'll find out sooner or later anyway, might as well leave it till later,'' her english accent much more calm and low then it was before. Leaving the conversation like that the girls didn't speak until the bell went off for there first class. Getting up from her bed, Paris was just about to take her book with her when Dakota grabbed it out of her hands. Paris gave her a quizzing look as to say what the heck was she doing.

''Your not allowed to take anything down with you,'' Dakota said.

''That's pathetic, whys that?'' Paris asked. Thinking the idea was stupid, how was they supposed to write or do anything? It was supposed to be a school, wasn't it?

''Its some kind of rule that Tloww Academy have always stuck too. The once a girl took her ipod down with her, and they punished her hard because of it,'' Dakota shivered at the thought of it.

''What happened to her?''

''I'm not actually sure of the details, but I know she left this place with bruises and bites up her arm. Some say that the teachers attacked her, others say she did it herself, so she could leave.''

''What do you think happened?'' Paris asked, getting more suspicious with the place as the day was passing by.

''I think we will never know the true reason, that's what I think,'' Dakota beamed turning her frown upside down, back to her happy face. ''Anyway enough about that story let's go down, before were late, your timetables the same as mine, follow my lead, we have an assembly to welcome everyone back from autumn break.'' Once the girls had made there way through the corridors, they went straight to the assembly, where one by one everyone was settling down on the wooden chairs in front of a couple of old teachers. Once the room was silent, the teacher went on about the new timetable for them all. Ignoring the rants the teachers were telling them, Paris decided to gaze around the room in front of her instead. She noticed that allot of kids there were oddly allot alike to each other. Dark deep brown eyes and chocolate brown hair, it was like the code to the school to all look the same. She felt like the odd one out compared to them with her creamy light blonde hair and aqua eyes. It was...strange.

Looking back over at the teachers she noticed they all looked like mini versions of each other too. Maybe there was more to what Dakota was saying then she thought.

Authors Note: I accidentally deleted this, but now its back up. This was supposed to be for Nano, but I wasn't quick enough to keep up. So I'm sharing my ideas with you lot. Reviews are appreciated. I occasionally make mistakes on here, but a big oh well to that, every author learns from what they make.

Couple of notices to be aware of: as it's set in england, the language will be in english style. Example: Americans spell the word Color with no u. England spell it Colour. Another example, Americans spell the word Blond, with no e, while in England they spell Blonde with an e. So everything that I write this story in will be in Enlgish style.