Chapter Two

Classes had gone simple for her, they learned pretty much the same things as they did in her old school, except at this school there was more people in a class, and alot of more learning going on. At least her Dad sent her there for one good reason she thought. It was now her third class of the day and she was learning a new topic. Supernatural. She thought it was a weird topic to do, but if her teacher thought it was a good idea to then so be it. Dakota had sat by her in every class they had been in so far. And all she had done was rant on and on. It was like she was on energy batteries, she was just wondering when they would run out. Listening to her teacher go on about Vampires and how stupid they were, Paris stared into space thinking about her home life and her friends back there. She didn't have many friends from California 2-3 at the most, because she was so quiet. Sometimes she felt like she had to run free, try and break loose be this fun, wild girl, but she didn't have the confidence.

Feeling someone tap her on the back, Paris turned to see a pretty looking brunette girl glaring up at her.

''Can you please stop hitting your chair into my desk? It's annoying,'' the girl remarked, rolling her eyes at Paris.

''Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I was kind of lost into space,'' Paris Apologised. The girl didn't looked very forgiving though because the frown was still glued to her face.

''Well you better start to pay attention, little American. Because this is a class for learning, not for day dreaming. Got it?'' She threatened.

''Got it,'' Paris gulped and weakly smiled, paying attention back to the front of the class. Once the lesson was over, Paris couldn't of been more then merrier to get back to her dorm, it was the one place she felt like she wasn't being watched. It wasn't minutes later when Dakota come popping through the doors looking as bouncy as she did earlier.

''So where did you go off to? Leaving me there all alone,'' Dakota delightfully asked.

''I came back here quickly, couldn't stand the glares people were giving me,'' she moaned into the pillow.

''Yeah they do that to 'us' people alot. If your not one of them, then your nothing.''

''I don't understand this place, I've been here a couple of hours already and its already complicated, plus people already hate me to.''

''Who hates you?'' Dakota asked.

''I dunno her name, but this girl in our supernatural class,'' Paris said. Dakota was trying to think of who it was but still had no idea, there was over 40 kids in just that class. ''She sits behind me and you.'' It took a while for Dakota to think of who she was on about but once she realised who it was, she knew not to make Paris get on the wrong side of the girl.

''Your on about Sade the girl whos got a killer tan to die for right?'' Paris nodded. Remembering the girls face.

''So you've met cruelladevil then?'' Dakota laughed and then carried on. ''If you think shes bad then you should meet her boyfriend.''

''Who's he?'' Paris asked.

''He's hot, talented, and the god of the school. His attitude is as cold as ice though, hes a rough cookie. Don't get on the wrong side of him either, pretty messed up things have happened at this school because of him. People have died or either committed suicide over him, hes something not to go playing with,'' Paris nodded understanding, just happy that she hadn't met the boy yet.

''Trust me, I won't go near anyone who sounds as crazy as your making them, all I want to do is fit in here.''

''Well that's the one problem you might have, its not easy fitting in this school.''

The night slowly came around and Paris couldn't find herself settling down properly. The bed was very uncomfortable compared to her old one and the rain outside was making loud splashing noises. It was a new problem she knew she would have to get used to. Tossing and turning to the sound of every new drip hit off her window, she heard howls creek outside. That was then followed by a big bang. Jumping from her bed, she turned on the light to see if anything had caused the bang in the room, but she saw nothing but the sound of Dakota sleeping peacefully in her bed. Knowing full well that she had heard something, she decided to go and look around the school a little more. Quickly pulling her dressing gown on her body, she stepped out of the door, into the hallway. Feeling the cold floor touch her toes, she quietly crept down the stairs into rooms she had never entered before. One was an library that was full of books, different sizes and shapes. Being amazed by how much there was, she took a look around.

Some rooms were locked, but the one that caught her attention was the art room that was still open. It was beautifully decorated with glitter on each of the walls, and gorgeous bright pictures making everything stand out perfectly. She hadn't been in this room yet, and it was wonderful to actually be in a room that made her feel comfortable. She had an obsession for art and its glamorous colours. Ever since her grandma had passed away though she had stopped altogether doing anything that was to do with the word.

8 years ago...

''Grandma, Grandma, look at this!'' Pointed an 8 year old Paris, at her drawing of the sky.

''Well how about that then?'' Smiled her Grandma at the picture. She was the only one who seemed to pay attention to her drawings unlike her parents.

''Is it good? Do you like it?'' Beamed the blond bombshell.

''Do I like it?'' Her Grandma pretended to think, then grinned up at her saying, ''I love it.''

''You do?'' She giggled.

''Of course I do. I can see you being a fantastic artist when your older Paris, you'll do me proud, I know it,'' her Grandma told her proudly.


Paris remembered her Grandma's words, and the warm feeling she felt back then compared to now. She remembered the day after taking a picture to her Grandma's getting told that she couldn't take the picture in to her Granny because she was too poorly to see Paris again. She didn't realise back then that they meant her Grandma had passed away. It wasn't until a couple of years later that she knew what had happened. She had loved art back then but now it was just something to look at then to create. Bringing her back from the familiar memory, she heard someone speaking just a couple of inches away from the door. Being nosy, she put her head against the door trying to hear what was going on outside.

''Are you a fucking idoit or what?'' Shouted a husky male voice.

''I didn't mean to change,'' whimpered another male voice. Change? What the hell was they going on about?

''Yeah well you did, and now there going to make you pay.'' Paris looked up through the door windows, spotting 2 males. One was skinny and scrawny looking, while the other one was more muscle, he was handsome, she knew that for one too. Then it all happened, before she knew it the skinny scrawny ones body began to change, he let out a small groan and then the bones began to hunch back and the hair began to build up. Shocked by the image of the wolf in front of her, Paris let out a small squeal.

''Did you just hear that?'' The good looking one questioned. The skinny but now Wolfy one nodded his head slowly. Turning there heads slightly to the art room, they noticed nothing of it.

''Your lucky no ones around Harry, if anyone knows about our pack, trouble will come along the way.'' The boys were just about to walk away when by accident Paris sneezed. Hitting herself for doing so. She saw someone turning around and heading for the art direction, making her escape she found the nearest cupboard and duck down inside. The door went bang and opened quickly, hearing footsteps coming her way Paris felt the goosebumps rise in her arms. She thought she would be safe in there, she guessed wrong when she felt the heat rise from the person opening the passage to the cupboard. Backing up against the wall, she saw the good looking boy, standing in front of her, not looking happy at all.

''Well, well, what do we have here?'' He smirked. Moving closer to her.

''I was just - uh just-'' She stuttered, not being able to think up an answer.

''You was just what? Passing by? Stalking us?'' He questioned. Her heart was beating faster and faster as the closer he got.

''No! I was having a look around the place, I'm new here.'' She weakly told him. He was even more handsome up close, his hair was black and had the just got out of bed look. And his eyes were a mixed of brown, green and yellow. If he hadn't of spooked her out, she would of thought he was ravishing.

''I can tell, or else you would of known the rules about coming down this late at night,'' his voice was very low and had that husky tone to it.

''I didn't no, I'm sorry, it won't happen again,'' Paris apologised. Trying to move out of his way, but he just pushed her back up the wall.

''You better not let it happen again,'' he growled. His face inches away from her. ''And if you dare to tell anyone about what you have just saw, then I will seriously hurt you,'' he warned her. ''Do you understand me?'' She gulped, nodding her head. ''Good girl. Now you better get back to bed, wouldn't want someone to hurt you,'' he smirked. With that said she hurried passed him and went straight back up to her dorm. Once inside she let out a long breathe and slid down the door. Everything was crazy, firstly the people were all weird and then she caught a young boy turn into an animal. Everything was mad. Trying to recap everything over in her head, she didn't notice Dakota sitting up in her bed.

''Paris is that you?'' Dakota yawned, squinting her eyes open.

''Yeah, I just went outside for a little air,'' Dakota's eyes widened.

''You shouldn't really go outside at this time of night Ris, it's dangerous.''

''Oh don't worry, I only stood outside the door,'' Paris lied. She wanted to tell her about what really had just happened, but she remembered what the guy had warned her earlier. And if you dare to tell anyone about what you have just saw, then I will seriously hurt you.

''Oh that's good then, well you better get some beauty sleep, you don't want to wake up looking like a monster now,'' giggled Dakota, still happy as she could be at 3 in the morning.

''Yeah I better, goodnight,'' walking back to her own bed, Paris knew that the school had something freakishly wrong about it. She knew that one of them could turn into a wolf, then it hit her, what would that guy actually do to her if she told anyone about it?

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