I think the center is sucking me in, I do not mind.
because I keep my promise's so far down,
does that make my love perverse?

we are on one never ending acid trip, and you
with your head to the side, looking so strange.
(please forgive me while I cackle madly.)

It's too dark outside
I'm too scared to make a move.
I don't dare to think I'll make it past the monsters.

I looked up, when I thought I saw you.
but it was only a shadow of the moon, falling from the sky.
(It's like being forced into a position you can't stand)

I push the sober vision of the world from my body
No more in focus colors, and no more stable objects.
For now I only want the fantasy.

Has anyone seen the other piece of my heart?
Maybe it missed me the second time around
(perhaps one day I can bring myself to lick it off for good)