The Autumn sun had for another day over Cardville Town and Ryan was poked it the eyes by it blazing through his curtain. He groped around his bed and after finally getting a grip on his matress he raised himself up tiredly after many calls from his mother. He dragged on his uniform for school and walked over the many piles of junk and clothes on the floor and out the door sleepily.

"Ryan hurry up you will be late!" He barely heard the words from his mother's mouth as he sat down beside his sister Melissa and thrown cornflakes into his mouth. The news on the TV was the only sound He could make out from the room, such was the effect being half-asleep had on you. Something or other about some psycho terrorists could be in the country, the usual stuff. He swung his bag around his shoulder and walked down the hall promising for the 1000th time that he would go to bed early that night.

The journey to school was 5 minutes but it seemed shorter as it usually did. Ryan groaned as he thought of his buisness studies test that day, how was he going to explain to his mother when she saw a NG on his test? How anyone could do a profit and loss account without being told how to do it then and there?

"Alright Eoin?" He had just walked thorugh the doors and bumped into one of his good mates in the school Eoin. Eoin jumped around.

"Oh hey Ryan" He had a look of relief on his face as he spoke Ryan had a idea why.

"No I havent seen Emily if thats what your worried about" Ryan grinned, Emily was Eoin's grilfriend, and usually when you didnt see her with him was a time like now. When he was hiding from her. Ryan thought this was annoying especially if you wanted to talk about stuff like Football whereas girls always seemed to talk gossip about others. He always wondered how they did this.

"Yeah yeah very funny, I havent seen Lucy either ha remember her poem in English yesterday?" He put on a mock voice "His eyes of green burn with passion, his face as cute as a rabbit we only know one person she could write a poem like that for" Eoin had to hold on Ryan to keep himself up he was laughing so hard, passers-by were looking at them obviously confused and faces that just said "o..............k". Lucy was as annoying to Ryan as Emily was to Eoin, ever since 1st year it was obvious she was nuts about him, she wasnt that bad looking it was just she was annoying.

"Oh hi Emily was just wondering when do we have History today?" Eoin jumped around at the sound of the word "Emily" so fast it was like he didnt move at all and his body was just turned around automatically. She wasnt there.

"I hate you" Eoin said to Ryan as it was Ryan's turn to hold onto Eoin in laughter.

Soon after, Ryan found himself sitting in Irish. He didnt understand a word of it, in fact since he used to live in England up to 3 years ago he didnt have to do it which was good. He couldnt understand why anyone would speak Irish fluently, it seemed so complicated in his opinion. Worst of all he had to sit on his own as to not disturb anyone who was doing the subject. He found this time useful as he tried to memerise a profit and loss account for his buisness test later on.

"Ok class remember Page 71, Questions 1-7 for homework. No excuses accepted for not having it done" The teacher implied impatiently. Ryan hastily left the room, not bothering to talk to any of his friends as he say Lucy walk across the room. He walked down corridor B-2 as quick as he could, avoiding any passers by. He walked across the quad and into the warm October sunshine, it wasnt right, shouldnt be this warm in Autumn should it? It was indeed a strange day. He walked up the stairs from Corridor C-1 that led to Corridor C-2 where his science room was.

"DAMN IT!" He said out loud, a few people looked around. He had forgotten his Science book, typical him. He couldnt forget it again or he had detention, his pint-sized teacher Ms. Rogers had been getting very annoyed with him for forgetting stuff, so he had to walk all the way to his locker in A-1 to get it. By the time he was there the corridors were deserted, he didnt know why, usually there was always one or two late-comers like himself.


"What the fu-" He dropped his bag and walked over to the classroom across from his locker where the gunshot-like sound had came from. The sight he would never forget for the rest of his life. There was young Tommy Mitchell on the floor dead, he was a friend of Melissa's so this must be a 1st year class. Above him stood 3 men all armed with Assualt Rifles of some sort, Ryan recognised the guns from his Playstation games but couldnt tell what they were. The men were in balaclavas and the rest of the class were cowering under thier desks, alot were crying.

What could he do? He couldnt just stand there, could he ring the gaurds? He took out his moblile, it too was dead. Another gunshot rang from across the school, his mind then raced back to this morning. Of course there was terrorists rumoured to be in the country. He couldnt escape if these guys had taken over. There was only one thing for it. He would save them or die trying, just like Killem from his Playstation game. But this was different, this was real, he couldnt come back to life and try again if he failed. But how could he increase his chances of over-powering the men in the room? Could he take a chance? He looked at the long Black bin beside him, it was his only hope.

He put it over him and charged into the room. In the confusion of it all he knocked two of them over as the bin fell off him, he picked up a pistol from the floor but he was pushed against the wall by the still-standing man.

"Well well well, young boy thought he could be brave did he?" The accent of the man was definatley foreign, sounded Indian. The other men that staggered to thier feet laughed and jeered.

"Well yes, and I think that im the one in control here so let me go please." Ryan added a little mockery on his last word. It seemed to infuriate the man as Ryan was slapped across the face.

"No little boy we are in control and untill we get what we want, you will all be kept prisoner in this school. If we dont you will all die simple as". The other two men re-established authority in the room to the terrified looking first years.

"Well you see, I look at the gun you have pointed to my face and I see Replica writtenon the side. Yet I look at my gun and it says Desert Eagle on it" He showed the gun to the man. He backed away. "Now this is for Tommy" And without a second hesitation he shot the man. Why did it seem so easy? "You two, give me your equipment, or you will join your friend in hell." The two men looked like they didnt understand a word Ryan just said but they knew what he was implying with the gun pointed at them. They immediately took off most of thier clothes and Ryan with the help of a few first years tied them in the Teacher's locker.

"Right I need to go, here you take this" He threw a gun at one of the young lads who caught it and seemed curious. "If any of them come in shoot them, protect your classmates at all costs. Got it!?" The terrified young boy nodded and Ryan ran from the room, Adreniline pumping through him. It was hard to think it was 5 minutes ago he was worrying about getting detention for a forgotten Science book. The situation was now life or death. He had counted 4 more gunshots come from other parts of the school and these made him more determined. He was a murderer, but that fact would settle in later if he ever gets out of here.

Corridor A-2 was just as quiet as the one he had acsended from. A intercom announcment then rang coldly through the school. Echoing through the halls.

"We have taken the school, you will all be examples to your goverment that we are no pushovers. You will all die here today, our men have secured the buildings. Do not resist, if you do, you will face a painful death."

Ryan stopped in his tracks. He WAS the only person that could save everyone. But how!? He couldnt go into every room in the school and save them, he was lucky that he took the man's real gun, he had a feeling he wouldnt get lucky again. He then had a idea.

He approched a room, he knew it was Eoins class. He peaked into the room, there was 3 more men walking around the room. Aparently they were not on shoot-on-sight instructions since they were just patrolling the room. The teacher was dead in the middle of the floor.

He caught Eoins eye from the other side of the room. Ryan mouthed "Distract them" and tried to point out that the guns were fake. He wasnt sure if Eoin had figured out what Ryan's hand signals meant, but he saw Eoin nudge Sam and whisper in his ear. He saw Sam do this to the person beside and eventually when they all knew, they all jumped up from thier desks and ran the men. This was Ryan's signal. He burst in the room shooting the man who took a Desert Eagle similar to his own from his pocket that he knew where real. When they had the men tied up and stuffed into the teacher's locker he explained to them his story so far.

"Listen I cant do this by myself-"

"Yes you can your amazing"

"Err, thanks Lucy. As I was saying I need help. Im not going to force any of you but-"

"Im with you"

"So am I"

"Yeah what he said"

"OK OK Listen!" Ryan looked around at his fellow 3rd years. "But we need to be discreet, we cant move as a pack. There is Twenty-Six of us here against God only knows how many of them terrorists. And I dont know if they have found out if they have a dead comrade downstairs."

"We could take other classrooms and get them to jo-"

"No I will not risk anymore lives needlessly. The less hassle we create the better. Although we do need more weapons. Those are fake" He pointed to the fake Sub-Machine Guns on the ground.

"Your too noble Ryan" Eoin laughed.

"Ok anyone here able to handle a gun?" Ryan asked to the group.

"Erm I was ranked one of the best in the world on the playstation at a shooting game" Colin spoke out, Colin was never very popular and had been builled nearly all of his life so Ryan had heard.

"Good enough" He threw the gun at him

"OK OK, we need to get going. Me and Eoin will lead. Girls follow behind." Usually at this sort of remark a girl would retaliate with a we can do this as good as you comment, but fear stopped them in Ryan's opinion. He had only taken two strides into the corridor when-


"GET BACK" Ryan shouted as he opened gunfire at the man. Colin did similar. Ryan moved to cover behind a pillar while the class scattered. He let the adreniline take control again as he got up from his hiding place and shot all four men that remained. That was something he would never do in the right mind.

"Colin are you ok?" He walked over, Colin was clutching his arm.

"Dont worry about me im fine, go they would of surely heard those shots. Pity a Desert Eagle dosent come with a silencer eh?" They shared a laugh.

"Listen clear this corridor I need to go and take out thier leader. If I know anything about terrorist groups its that they crumble without a leader." Ryan ran off. His mind remembered the intercom announcment Twenty minutes before, so that meant that thier leader had to be in the principal's office. And that was beside reception which was inbetween Corridor A-1 and B-1. He ran down the stairs and he was back in A-1. He had a peak into the class that he saved first. All seemed well in there, the terrified boy looked a bit more confident. But Ryan supposed anyone would feel confident with a Desert Eagle in thier hand. Ryan took a look out the window, there was Police vans and Media all over the place. Was this a stand-off? What did the terrorists want?

Ryan took out two more un-suspecting men in Corridor A-1 before reaching the corridor that joined A with B and recpetion area was in the middle. He hadnt seen any of Eoin's class since they scattered. Surely they didnt go far in Five minutes? Ryan wouldnt let himself think the worst.

"Ryan, we are winning!" Lucy ran over shouting "Eoin led us and we freed corridor C-1 and C-2 the joined us and are over-powering Corridor B-1 and B-2 as we speak." Ryan looked at her, why did it take so long for him to discover that he actually really like her? He didnt care, he wouldnt wait any longer he might not live to do it again. He kissed her, despite the giggling of her friends in the corner ("Like what the hell? They giggle even in times like this?" Ryan thought) he broke quickly and ran across the quad.

"Ah so this is the infamous child who dared to resist the Lunartio." Ryan was over-powered by three men and a bag was over his head before he could see who said those words. He was pushed not so far from his current position so he guessed right on where the leader would be, but was it too late? Had he failed? Was he going to suffer like Tommy had? only worse? Had thier leader thought in desperation as Ryan had that if they take the leader they are nothing?

He was thrown onto the chair and the bag was taken off of him, his captor was small, about five foot three inches in height and was Indian.

"You have done so well so far young child" He paced the room. "You would be a great asset for the Lunartio, so young and already has the skills of a veteran. Im afriad it would be a great waste to kill you, so we decided to have a little fun first."

He turned on the lights in the corner. There was Melissa and Lucy, both chained to the wall with a large rope going from the ceiling to thier head.

"Yes, im cruel Its what I do best im afriad" His captor chuckled to himself. "We have lost here, soon the police will swoop in here and kill my worthless men who could not defeat kids. But before we leave let us explain your situation. Your sibling and your girlfriend are both chained here. Now this rope is being set on fire from above as we speak, both of these girls hair and bodies are soaked in petrol. But there is only one key" He placed a key onto Ryan's lap. "Your choice my brave enemy, for now goodbye. I have leaned from my mistakes here." And he left the room. The men gave Ryan a key to unchain himself and they too left. The fire was burning rapidly, the girls were trying to talk but thier mouths were taped. What could he do? Why yet again did luck deal him a bad hand in life? He took the key and walked over to Melissa, the key unlocked the chain. He tried it on Lucy but it didnt work, it would hardly be so easy.

The door then opened with a boom and Eoin walked in with a chainsaw

"Out of the way!" he shouted and choped the rope when the fire was within a inch of her head she jumped and embraced Ryan.

"Thanks Eoin, you have been immense!" Ryan thanked his friend.

"If it wasnt for you we would all be dead, c'mon lets get out of here." Eoin said. And they all exited the building. Ryan could hardly move his right leg, but kept moving.

Police approched Ryan and protectd them from the media as children were reunited with thier families.

"Listen!" Ryan said when they were away from the media "Go inside and in nearly every teacher's locker in the school you will find terrorists tied up and stripped. Also on corridor A-2 Colin Part is injured and a teacher is dead also Tommy Mitchell is too and others."

The day passed on and was very hectic. Ryan gave interviews with alot of media, world media at that. This had made news in America too. But those whos company he craved the most would have to wait for a while, as he needed to fufill a promise he made himself what seemed years ago now and he went to bed early that evening.