Tradition Never Graduates

November 15, 2009

Please, can I try on that jersey?

Only for a second or two

I won't wear it out more than it already is

I know you work so hard

It's not as if I've wanted this

For as long as I knew what it meant

All these years and I never got the chance

It's not as if I've watched all those girls

Strutting purple and white as I glared

Oh, my heart, it did glare

I'm ashamed, but what did they do?

What did they do right?

I scream louder than them under those

Lemon lights that squeeze and twinkle

A halo upon the scrimmage line

Don't jump too soon

It's not as if I lose sleep over this

You know we've never won state

We always wake up in the bridesmaid's dress

But I've said for so long that we need some changes here

Please, can I try on that jersey?