She put her "hard-earned" money

Away in her elegant little clutch bag

She thought back to how casual

And common it had seemed

Like it was a day job

Like it was a regular hobby

But it was more than that

The apartment was cold at first

And with her shivering body

He rushed her to the bedroom

Why she wore this short, strapless dress

She couldn't remember

Oh, wait, it was black

That was why

Perfect for this date

Because he said he loved

A woman in a black dress

Perfect for this client

He especially loved

Ones that were easy to unzip

And so it was done

They met the mattress

She slinked underneath the sheets

He followed, of course

He always did

Later she could be found

In a taxi cab

Bright yellow, checkered

Like herself

She was charming

And she was crude

She bit her lip

While opening the door

Faced her own building

Something familiar, for a change

Tomorrow it will be another one

A different door to open, same price

Inside her apartment

She stripped herself

Of that little black dress

And all her dignity