Sierra Wheeler

English 10 A

U 1 L 15

Cause and Effect Essay

Final Draft

As Scarlet Brown looked out from her balcony into the amazing morning wilderness around, she saw the Peruvian mountainous regions, with all of their majesty and the white smoky appearance of the clouds seeping over the mountains into the rain forest below. In awe of the beauty she sighed and quickly got changed so that she could step outside into the open air. The luscious green from the plants and bright colors from a variety of fruits met her wondering eyes. She smelled the ocean that was less than a mile away.

Its salty smell bringing back memories of another coast and another time. Thinking on these memories make her want to visit that coast again. The sound of the nearby Ancash Tapaculo, a type of bird native to Peru, called her mind back to her current surroundings. She longs to see one of these unique birds in the wild but has never had the opportunity to have the pleasure to view one of these exotic creatures except in a picture. Looking out at the sunlight appearing like spotlights around her, she realizes that the air is heavy with humidity that makes the temperature seem to rise and she welcomes the fresh clean smelling breeze blowing by. As she looks and sees the beautiful iridescent blue rimmed with black butterfly's wings dance with the wind across the moist open air as it flies past her. She is touched and amazed by the beauty surrounding her as her eyes follow it out of site.

As she watches this, she imagines the small realignment of the air particles that the simple yet elegant motion of the butterfly's wings made. She thought about how the electrons of one air molecule must be repelling the electrons of another. Her mind is distracted from the natural beauty around her, for a moment, while she wonders what would happen if, instead of this process slowing down, it sped up the air waves. Which could then result in them moving all the way to a place miles away picking up still greater momentum as it goes.

She follows these particles out to the beautiful sea shore were she can view the crystal blue cerulean water with the capsizing waves of white that were crashing against the sand. The sun felt warm on her skin and she has to shield her eyes because of the bright light that it was sending out while bringing up moisture from the ocean below, the breeze from the butterfly was only helping the sun to bring in more water from the ocean to the forming clouds above. As she watches the calming waters, she wonders what is going on inside of the colossal clouds of gray as they gather over head together in a darkening mass that is working its way towards blocking out the sun towards the east. The difference in light caught her eye. She notices that where she is, the sun is almost too bright yet, off in the distance where she is looking there is almost no light. She is again reminded of the butterfly and what she thought of as she felt the breeze that had begun to come in off the ocean. Reminding herself that she needs to pack and knowing that she should get in before the rain comes she heads inside. When the storm finally hits it power is breath taking. As she watches the rain pour down she notices that just outside her window, there is a butterfly. While she continues to watch it, she thinks to herself could this be helping the storm to move in another direction?

A few days later she is getting ready to travel. The place that she had decided to travel to is the beautiful area of Baja California. Having been there before, she feels a different kind of anticipation as she thinks about boarding the plane. The anticipation she felt is one of expectation of knowing what is to come, rather than the need of exploration that she feels when going to a new place. Then, unfortunately before she can bored the plane, off in the distance, she picks up the sound of a radio announcer saying that there is a hurricane building off of the coast of her destination. Her interest is instantly aroused, and she listens intently for more information but none seems to come. Then out of nowhere, or so it seems, she hears an announcement saying that they will be canceling all flights out to her destination due to a hurricane. Her disappointment is clearly written on her face. Spending a few days at that beach, with so many fond memories, was just what she had wanted. Finally, with a soft smile, she thought to herself "So that is where all of those moving molecules went."