Leave me alone

Leave me alone

I'm feeling down,

I'm feeling bad,

I'm gonna drown

In my feeling's so sad.

I need to be left alone,

To ponder the injustice of life.

I need to be alone,

To get through and erase my strife.

But then you came along,

You came and disturbed,

My feelings, my thoughts,

To you this might be absurd.

I need to be alone,

I can work this out alone,

I don't need anybody to help,

So just leave me alone.

I've got this solved,

I've made a decision,

I've made up resolve,

But then you messed me up.

I hate to be bothered,

When I'm doing my stuff,

So I hope you're not bothered,

If I say this to you.

You're not needed here,

You're not wanted here,

I don't need your so-called help.

I need you less than I need a whelp.

So stop it,

As I sing this song,

I appreciate it,

But just leave me alone