It's Not You It's Me

November 17, 2009

The puke splat on my porcelain

Spells out your name like alphabet soup

It's you, it's you

That is making me sick

I'm so sick of all this confusion

I rid you like my raging rash

But it's no use, I want it back

I plunge my fingers down my throat

I'm always diving down for more

It's me, it's me

That is allowing this flu

To take over me like you

I scrub your face out of my mirror

It's clearer now of toothpaste streaks

But your smile twinkles with fluoride

And it peeks out under the sheets

Of my daydreams

It's you, it's you

That is clogging my vision

In a trance like strict religion

I take pride in my fall

But I've been tumbling all along

And you have yet to be my friction

We're fighting equal and opposite reactions

It's me, It's me

I started it all

Putting my head between my knees

My lungs can't handle the gentle breeze

You walk on by

So slick so sly

It's you, It's you